Monday, November 12, 2012

E-mail 11-12-12

Mother, you are a question machine!  But I love you so I’ll try my hardest to answer them all. I’m glad to hear that you are all freezing as well. Its sooooo cold here. Who’s the clown that said all that global warming nonsense? He should get fired eh. But ca va. All weather is good! For example, we get let into houses a lot easier when its way cold and the people feel bad for us. If it was hot that wouldn’t happen. Therefore, I LOVE the cold haha. Its weird how the Lord blesses us in a variety of ways. I have come to learn that IT IS ALWAYS GOOD WEATHER NO MATTER WHAT. 

My comp is legit. He is a spiritual giant. Elder Adams has learned more then he ever thought possible these last few weeks all thanks to him. #Blessed. And no we don’t live with anyone else . The next closest missionaries are in Versaille (Paris) about an hour away. President Andersen will be here on Friday. Pretty excited for that. He was a Mission President here so I guess his French is pretty awesome. That will be neat. The ENTIRE mission will all be together Friday morning. We will all be taking a tram to the Versaille chapel. All 180 or so of us! People are gonna freak when they see us haha. I’m sure we will make the news or something. Missionaries have been all over the news these last few weeks because of the elections. Yesterday we had a guy run up to us because he thought I was Mitt Romney's son? I said yes, haha. We have a rendez-vous with him this week!  Should be legit. And he is reading the Book of Mormon. Who knew politics could be used for good? haha Je blague. And to answer your last question... P Days are pretty uneventful. We just go to the grocery store, the church for emails, eat, write letters, and wander the streets if we have time looking at random stores. Oh and we always look at the Grand Cathedral. Its soooo crazzzy. And sooo BIG. I have seen it a million times already in my short time here but it never gets old. It manages to blow my mind every time. I think I answered most of your questions. I tried anyway.

This last week was a real treat... just like every week. Chartres is the best. I love the people here! There are so many people here interested in the gospel right now. We have talked to soooo many people these last three weeks. The first week we had 8 hour days of finding with an occasional lesson. Now two weeks later all of that finding is really paying off.  We have had lots of lessons these last couple of weeks. Teaching lessons is the best! It’s so fun studying every morning for three hours (personal study, team study, and language study) and then going out and sharing the things that I have learned with the people. These last couple of weeks I have been sleeping like a baby. There is no better feeling in the world than knowing you have worked hard all day and then it’s finally time for bed haha. Sleep is my best friend. My bed is a little to small but I have come to learn that the harder I work, the less I care about the size of my bed because once my head hits the pillow I’m out! #DeepSleep.

I don’t know if I have mentioned this already but our President has given every team of missionaries the goal of finding a family and baptizing them before Christmas. What better gift could a person give then that of the gospel?  Nothing!  How lucky am I? Pretty lucky!  And I have received the confirmation that it is possible so I am pretty excited to see what happens in these coming weeks. Things are really looking up here in Chartres. 

Thanks for all your prayers in my behalf!  I have certainly felt them this week. The powerfulness of prayer is just that, powerfull!  Thanks for all that you do. And know that I’m praying for your success as well. Y’all deserve it!  Keep on keepin on. Stay Awesome.  Stay neat!  Miss y’all to the moon and back.  Sometimes haha.  Je blague! Bon semaine!  Garder un sourir!  Life rocks.

Elder Adams

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