Sunday, December 16, 2012

E-mail 11-18-12

Only one question? Not to shabby haha. Yes my feet are just fine. Pas de probleme! My bunions are turning into rocks. Pretty neat ehh. Can't even feel them anymore. #DreamComeTrue. Sounds like you have all had a good week up in Tahoe. Thats pretty sweet. Love it up there. Its a lot funner when its not snowing and you can play golf tho. Just saying. I can't believe Jeff is already home. Thats nuts. I swear he like just left like a month ago. Its pretty crazy how time flies. Kinda scares me. Tell him hi. Sounds like your gonna have quite theThanksgiving. Thirty people is kinda a lot. Lucky. I can't complain tho. We are having a Turkey Bowl Game on Thursday in downtown Paris! Football on the mish. Pretty sweet right. And we are having a huge pot luck. Life rocks! They don't celebrate Thanksgiving, here but that's okay, we'll make our own!

This week was one of the best! Shaking an apostles hand is always a real treat. Elder Andersen was so awesome! Easily the most powerful talk and most relevant I ever heard in my life. He started his talk with like five stories. The man is Hilarious. He had some pretty awesome jokes. I would retell them but I don't know how haha. But I do remember the first things he said when he stood at the podium. "Elders and sisters... you're not serving in Brazil! You're serving in France. One of the hardest missions in the world! You may not baptize that many people but that doesn't mean your mission is a failure." Not a bad start. He definitely had me listening haha. The main purpose of his talk was to help us find joy in our work, understand that baptism isn't everything, and to understand who we are. I got from it that finding joy in our work is all up to ourselves. When you wake up in the morning and think to yourself today is going to be rough... its going to be just that! But if you wake up with a good attitude and are excited for the opportunity to work... your day will rock. Sometimes it takes getting put down and spit on by 200 people before you have the opportunity to find that one investigator you have been praying for! Hard work is always worth it. I also loved how he explained that baptism isn't always the most important. He believes that one of the most important things to focus on here in France is the younger generation of members. To many youth fall away and never come back to church. So true. I would guess that only about 20 percent of the youth in the church here are strong and active. Pretty crazy. Another thing I got from the talk is that missions are hard but they are a lot easier when you know who you are! I have been called by a prophet of God to serve the people of France. My Father in Heaven wouldn't have sent me here if he didn't think i could do it! He wants me to be successful. And I'll be successful when I live by his commandments and follow all of the mission rules with exactitude! Not just keeping the ones I like. ALL. If I was to ALMOST keep all of them, I would ALMOST receive all of the blessings. Almost isn't enough. I am here for a reason! A reason I may not know quite all of yet but a reason nonetheless. The last thing I learned is that baptism is so important but its not something we should grade ourselves on. I was sent here to baptize people into the church of Jesus Christ... but that doesn't mean I know how many or when they will take place. Maybe it only happens once? CA VA! Thats life! It wasn't meant to be easy. We wouldn't learn if life was easy. Opposition in all things is a good things. Kinda sucks while its happening but it HAS to happen. Alright. That's about all I can remember. #BrainIsFried.

Have a good week. I sent a package the other day. Be on the look out. I may or may not have put some of the worlds best chocolate in it. Your welcome :) ... Can you give me some Jimmer updates? Please. I miss him. Those brothas better be passing him the ball. Thanks for being awesome. Keep on keepin on! Life is the best. I am THANKFUL for all of y'all. You rock. Eat some pomegranate salad for me. And taters!


Elder Adams

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