Wednesday, July 25, 2012

July 24, 2012

Cher familly et amis!
The last week of my MTC experience has come! (soooo quickly i must say).  These last couple of days Elder Adams has struggled tremendously with sleeping haha.   PARIS/FRANCE consumes my mind every night and won’t let me sleep.  I am kind of  freaking out about being surrounded by 60 million people that speak French, and that speak it well haha. My French has come a long way and will continue to do so for the next two years but that doesn’t mean i am not going to be nervous haha.   This may seem weird but I actually am kinda  sad to be leaving the MTC (just a lil though) because I have made so many good friends and I love all of my teachers.  The MTC has been a real treat.  Speaking of TREATS-Elder Adams has gained 15 pounds!   #Embarrassing!!!   I never thought it was possible, but PLEASE people will you stop sending me candy and junk food and just food in general  hahaha.  I will lose the weight shortly though, don’t worry.  The petite food portions in France and all the walking will help me lose a few pounds  (hopefully  more)  I’m sure.

Is it just the MTC or is it hot every minute of every day in the real world to?  The MTC's air conditioning has been horrible so this place has been like a sauna these last two weeks.  Sundays and T uesdays when i have to wear a suite are the worst.  My tie is used to wipe the sweat from my forehead and is soaked by the end of the day haha  (a lil exaggeration).  Maybe it is just cuz i am fat now but  i don’t think so.  I can’t even think without sweating!

Last week  Ii got to be a missionary host for the 1st time!   It was so fun being able to show new kids around the MTC and what not.   Both of the kids I  hosted were scared to death and I got the opportunity to let them know that they will be just fine but I do see where they are coming from, the first week of the mission is kinda rough.   Both of the Elders were headed to Fiji so they didn’t have much to complain about haha.   Tomorrow i will get to host again.   I can’t wait,  It is definitely a highlight in the MTC.

The French is slowly progressing!   This last week i have been trying my hardest to speak it whenever and wherever I go and so fa,r so good.   Last Thursday was my best day by a mile!   I spoke it basically all day and even during gym and meal times (so hard for me).  Nothing will make a person more tired than trying to translate English words to French words in your head haha.   I slept like a baby that night! French is so fun to speak.   I have finally memorized the entire First Vision in French and have gotten the opportunity to use it in 4 or 5 lessons thus far.  It was so hard but I am so glad I did it.  French is the best!

Well I am almost all out of time.  I am so excited to be going into the real mission field where I can teach real people and real lessons!   I have loved the MTC experience and will definitely never forget it.  There are not very many prisons in this world like the MTC.   This prison full of 2,381 missionaries (President told us yesterday) is the only place in the world that has the SPIRIT in such rich abundance!   I have never felt the spirit this much in my life.   I am scared out of my mind to be going to France so soon but I know with the Lord on my side that I will be just  fine!   I have learned so much these last 9 weeks but the things I have learned the most are how much my Heavenly Father really does love me and everyone who lives and ever lived,  a great love for the scriptures (especially the Livre de Mormon),  a love for my Savior and a knowledge of his infinite atonement, and so much about Joseph Smith and the restoration! The MTC has been a real treat.  I love you all. Thanks for your support and prayers.

 Avec L'amour... Elder Adams


Sunday, July 22, 2012

July 17th, 2012

Bonjour Mere et Pere et Famille et Amis!

Yet another bon semaine ici a  MTC!  It blows my mind each week as the time continues to fly by.  I have learned more in these last couple of weeks than I thought possible.  My tete (head) feels like it is going to explode daily, but its a good kinda explosion, like it means that I am learning.  The French is really coming along well.  This week and last week I have been receiving help from two returned sister missionaries who served in Paris.  They have helped me so much with Passe Comp, Imperfect, when to use ''y" and when to use "en."  This week has been a real nice treat for sure!

But every week has to have a sad happening, as did mine. Soeur Opeta left on Monday for Madagascar :( ! She is a native French speaker so she only had to be here in the MTC for 3 and half weeks or so.  She sat by me in class and taught me so much about French, about life (outside the USA, in the real world), and about everything.  She would force me to carry out French conversation with her daily and I can’t even begin to explain how much that helped me!  I in return would help her with her English.  Her French is about like my English and my French is about like her English haha.  She is seriously the most amazing person II have ever met.  She grew up on an island hundreds of miles away from Tahiti.  Her island is about fifty feet wide and miles long. She has had absolutely nothing given to her in life. She is the most humble/gracious person I have ever met.  She is also a grade A genius.  She studied at a university in France and then moved to South America somewhere to continue her studies.  She did this all on her own, without any help form her family.  Most of her family are not members so that makes her story even more amazing.  She hasn’t seen her family in 6 years!  She has really helped me to put my life into perspective. The Lord has blessed me beyond my comprehension!  I was sad to see Soeur Opeta go, but I know she will be a special missionary in Madagascar.

Seeing Hadley this week was a real treat!  I have missed him so much.  I got lucky and ended up seeing the Faught Family (+ Ryan- Love him) drop off Elder Faught.  It was so fun to see real people!  The only people I have seen these last 7 weeks have been missionaries.  It was fun to give David, Loni, and Ryan a hug (hugs are rare here in the MTC so I gladly took advantage of it.)  And of course it was a real treat to shake Soeur Faughts hand and to see Elder Faught all dressed up in a fancy missionary suit.  I have seen Elder Faught probably 6 or seven times since he got to the MTC.  He is going to be a bomb missionary. He seems to have head start on the Spanish so that will be nice.  I’ll be sure to send a picture of us soon!  (I think Logan or Ryan have a pic on their phone- tell them to send it to ya)

This week we received four new roomies who are all speaking French and will be serving in Canada somewhere (sorry I don’t remember haha).  They are all really nice and will be excellent missionaries.  I feel so old ever since they got here.  They ask me questions 24/7 about French and about the MTC and I can surprisingly answer almost all of them (such a weird feeling to know more French than some people). This week for our devotional we had Jenny Oaks Baker (Elder Oaks Daughter) come and give a talk/ play the violen for us.  She is one of the best violinists in the world and put on a real show for us.  She was amazing!  Music here at the MTC is rare so that was a real nice treat haha.

My travel plans should be here in a week but I'm not sure yet.  But the plan as of now is that in exactly two weeks I will be on a airplane right now heading to France! (but I try not to think about it cuz I am definitely not ready; I’v got so much more to learn!)  Thanks you so much for the package of goodies!  My favorite part was definitely the Zucchini bread.  That stuff was amazing (my District said to tell you thanks).  The day after I got your package the Stockard’s also sent me one.  Thanks Tom and Julie, ya’ll are the best!  Packages are always a real good experience minus the fact that they make me fat hahah.  So far willard has gained 11 pounds on the mish and I’m sure these last two packages will help bring the total up.  Tomorrow I get to host the new missionaries!  I am pretty excited about that.  It is always fun to watch the mom, sisters, brothers, and even dads cry when there lil boy or girl leaves for the mish haha, but its only a little but funny cuz that lil situation kinda happened to me like 7 weeks ago (rough day in Elder Adams life).

I will not need anymore food or candy mother! haha. I am going to have a heart attack if you continue to feed me!  But I guess if you had to, I wouldn’t mind another box of Krsipy Kremes, hahah.  Those things are the best.  If my district gets lucky I might share a couple with them.  My time is all up!  I love you all to the moon and back.  Thank you for all the letters and goodies!  Life is good here at prison so don’t worry bout me!  Next week I will try to make room for a spiritual thought or something haha, the time flies during the half hour they give us to email!

Bon Quote from elder Holland "If people are unresponsive and careless during your lessons, we must love them anyway.  If we love them today, maybe they will become more responsive tomorrow!"   So true! (happens with my MOCK investigators all the time) hahah.


Love Elder Adamz

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

E-mail July 10, 2012

Bonjour Famille et amis! Commet ca va!?

This last week has been so good to me! I can’t believe that it is already the tenth of julliet!   This last month and a half or so has been the shortest time of my life.  It still feels like I just got here. How is it out there in the real world?  Sometimes in this penitentiary its hard to even believe that there is a real world somewhere out there.  Its is so weird to think that I will not have left this single block of holy land for a whole two months!  (minus the trip to San Fran).  Paris is gonna be a real shocker for sure.

The Fourth of July is the best!  Especially at the MTC. We got to hear our MTC presidencies thoughts and feeling about the Fourth during a special devotional on Wednesday night and then we got to watch the fireworks.   The stadium of fire is just a couple of blocks away so it was pretty neat to watch. We didn’t get to bed until about 11 thirty that night.  I have never been so angry about not being able to go to bed on time.  Sleep is a valuable/rare/cherished thing in my life and I think in every missionary’s life.  I was so tired Thursday haha.  But on the realz. This country is amazing!  Its something we need to all be grateful for and not take for granted.  Our right to worship who and what we please is what makes this land so GOOD!   It wasn’t an accident that the gospel was restored to this country through a prophet Joseph Smith.   God has a plan and time for everything. (hopefully his plan and time for my French Speaking capability comes soon haha).

Mom, I think I will be getting my immunization shot this week or next. And I think it costs quite a few bucks.  So do I just use my credit card or what?  Let me know. Thanks you so much for the box of goodies! (You really do need to stop though; Elder Adamz is getting a wee bit TUBBY) (but I do love the Krispy Kremes, so I guess I wouldn’t mind if those came again accidently). Sounds like you guys had a really good time at the cabin with Grandpa. The cabin is the best. I bet grandpa really loved it up there.  I’m sure it was nice for him to get out of the town and what not.  I hope he is hanging there.  Let him know that I love him and he’s in my prayers!

This week we are getting 40 new Frenchies!  Our little hall is going to be packed!  I’m excited for them to all get here but I am not excited that 40 of them are moving into my spacious chambre (room).  Its gonna be rough not sleeping in mega bed for the last three weeks but I’ll be alright. The beds here are tiny!  My lengthy body doesn’t quite fit on the mattresses so i have learned how to sleep in the fetal position (actually not as bad as it sounds).  Try it!

The French is coming along so much better this week!  I have taught about 5 lessons this week and have felt as comfortable as ever.  I have really been working on speaking only French in and out of class, and itis  really helping my language speed.  It is so much harder than it sounds.  Speaking French all day gives me the fattest migraine ever!  haha.  I can only imagine what it is going to be like when I am surrounded by 60 million French people!  This week I created a French Language Study Plan and it has helped me tremendously.  I am finally learning how to effectively study and plan.  Those things are so hard for me because I have never done them in my life!   This week I have gotten better by leaps and bounds though and I know I know if I continue to work hard it will only get better.

I can’t wait to see Elder Faught tomorrow!  Since day one in here I have been counting down the days until I  get to see his cute face!  haha.  He is going to be a legit missionary.  I wish I could’ve been at his farewell.  I am sure he tore it up.  I might be able to host all the new missionaries tomorrow and hopefully I’ll host Elder Faught!   That would be a real treat to see the Faught family and what not. Well I am completely out of time and didn’t even get to bare my testimony or anything!  Desolet (Sorry) !!! l'eglise est vrait!  Don’t forget it!  I love you all!  

Avec L'amour, Elder Adams XOXO


Sunday, July 8, 2012

The "MTC " Rap

The people here are crazy nice,
but don't get to close you might get lice.
Number 1 rule about this whole MTC thing,
when you're in the shower please don't sing.
During devotionals and firesides the spirit brings power,
but not when the kid next to your forgot to shower.
At the MTC it sucks to be tall,
especially at devotionals because in the bleachers there is no room at all.
This place is like a prison in one certain way,
the security guards and walls won't let you go astray.
After dinner around here you must be smart,
because when you feel a silent squeaker coming it might be a shart.
This is the place to learn and grow,
and that is exactly what I will be doing, Yo!

by Elder Adamz

July 3, 2012

Cher Famile et Amis!

This last week has been a life changing one for sure! So much to tell you but so little time to do so. I only get 25 minutes to email each week and I am a really slow typer (sad face). The Francais is coming along much better this week. I taught a lesson about La Parol de Sagesse (the word of wisdom) and it went super! I was able to communicate with my French teacher like I never thought possible. It has only been 4 or 5 weeks in the MTC and I can already (in Francais): 1. Ask Questions 2. Teach Lessons (I have taught about 20 or so thus far) 3. Testify (my favorite part) 4. I can pray (really struggle with this one)  5. I can somewhat carry out a convo with French people! This week I taught a man from Belgium and it was the best. It wasn’t the best because my French was good but rather it was the best because he crushed my dreams and made me realize how horrible I am at French and that I need to work HARDER.  He scared the "French" out of me for realzzz. I couldn’t sleep that night because I know that in 4 weeks I will be surrounded by millions of people just like him (scary thought). With that said, I’d be lying if I said I don’t love French, learning it is so rewarding and at times fun. Yeah I said it, FUN!

This last Sunday we had an amazing Fireside. I can’t remember the guys name but I do remember every word he said (almost haha).  He was an actor playing the part of Joseph Smith’s best friend and secretary, named Willard something haha. It was the best acting and speaking I have ever heard in my life. I have never had my eyes fixed on someone for so long. The whole entire hour and a half that he talked I was all ears.  I learned so much about Joseph Smith and the restoration of the church but I have no time to tell you everything.  But I will tell you the important part.  I felt the spirit the strongest I have ever felt in my entire life,  as all 2500 Elders stood and sang,  "Praise to the Man."   Every word in that song hit me like a train! It was during that song that I knew without a doubt in my mind and heart that Joseph Smith was a Prophet of God and he translated the Book of Mormon through the power of God.  Joseph Smith wouldn’t have left his wife, his new born baby, and so much more to die for a silly book if it wasn’t indeed true!  I hope that I never forget the way I felt during that Fireside.

I can’t wait for Hadley to come next week!  That will be a real treat for sure. I haven’t seen a familiar face in years it feels like.  I am so excited for him to finally start the ole mission. I am only four weeks in and it has changed my life forever haha.  He will be a legit missionary for sure.  Give me the deets of his farewell?  I am sure it was legit.

Tell Greyson Happy Birthday!  I miss Raegen and Greyson more then anyone I think haha (jk mom and dad; you’re the best)  I can’t believe he is already a year old. I got his Birthday party invitation in the mail yesterday.  That is one good lookin dude!  He is gonna be such a stud.  Same with Raegs, that little girls got swag.

Well I still haven’t seen an Apostle but hopefully one comes this week.  The day I left for San Fran an apostle came (sad face),  what good luck I have huh haha. I have a couple chances to see one this week. Tonight during devotional and Wednesday night we are having a special fireside for the 4th of July. Oh and we get to watch fireworks!  That will be life changing I’m sure.  I always did love fireworks.

Well I’ll just end with my Testimony of my Savior. The time is just about up.  This entire last week I have been studying the Atonement and have come to realize how truly grateful I am for my Savior Jesus Christ! I have learned so much about his great sacrifice but I still know and comprehend so little. I do know that Christ knows and loves each and everyone of us individually.  I may not have been there to see Jesus heal the sick or to feel the marks in his hands, but I BELIEVE.  I believe that I will have that opportunity to do so one day. I believe that through his atonement Ii can live w/ God and my family again.  Jesus Christ suffered and bled from every pore so that he could feel, know, and understand what we are going through. We were taught this week the importance of BELIEVING.  If we don’t believe we will not have the opportunity to KNOW!  (please read 2 Nephi chpt 31- Life changing)

Sorry this is short and I didn’t answer any questions mother but my time is up! I love Y’all to the moon and back.  Stay Awesome. Stay neat. Stay Faithfull. Y’all are the best!

Elder Miles Adams

E-mail June 27th, 2012

Dear Family,

That letter was amazing!   I’m so glad that so many family members were able to see Grandma before she left this earth. This may sound like I’m a cold person or something, but when I heard that grandma was dying it didn’t really bother me.  I feel as if Grandma had done everything she could have possibly done on earth.  She was such a great example to all; a wonderful mother, an amazing wife, a faithful member of the church, and probably the most loving person I have ever met.  When I think about Grandma, I think about one of the most loving and honest people I have ever known.  I loved her so much for her honesty.  My three favorite lines that Grandma often said were, "Miles, say PLEASE"   “You missed to many open shots tonight" (after the Dayton bball game), and "Don’t talk to your mother like that, if I would’ve talked to my mother like that she would’ve beat me haha."   Grandma always joked that she was ready to die and I kind of believed her.   I feel as if she was as ready as she would ever be.  Death isn’t really something we can ever be completely ready for, but I know that Grandma is in a better place.  I know this because in Alma Chapter 40: verses 11 and 12 (Please read this, its GREAT)  it describes the state of the soul between death and the resurrection.  It says that she "will be taken home to God" who gave her life.  She will be received "into a state of happiness.  I’m so grateful for the wonderful plan of salvation and all that it entails!

I’m sorry I am all out of time.  Stay strong!   Don’t worry about me, all is well in the life of Elder Adams.  The MTC is the best, as are all of you. You’re in my prayers!  Tell Gramps I love him and that I am praying for him day and night.  Church is true!  Peace!

XOXO Elder A. AKA Willard

ps- A member of the MTC presidency told me the news of Grandma passing away this morning.

ps- I sent you a letter today. Should be there soon.

ps- I forgot my camera yesterday, so I have no pics of the great adventure. Sorry about that.  I described all that happened in San Fran in my letter.

Trip to San Francisco

Letter 6-25-12

I am currently writing this letter 36,000 feet up in the air.  We went to San Francisco to get our Visas.  It was nice to get out of the MTC for 15+ hours.  The trip consisted of nine other Elders and Sisters besides me.  I was the “travel group leader”, so if anybody died it was on me.  As the leader I got to carry a cell phone all day in case of emergencies, to call our taxi driver (Edgar was his name, nicest guy I ever met), and to call the MTC travel office to let them know how things went.  It was pretty weird carrying a cell phone;  I was tempted to give you guys a call, haha just kidding!

San Fran is the craziest place in the world during the summer.  After we went into the scary French Consulate, we had three hours left to burn.  As a group we decided to spend those hours at Pier 39!  It was the best time ever.  I have never had so many people stare at me in my life.  I like to think they were staring at me because I am so good looking, but I am almost positive they were staring at me because I was dressed in a suit in 90 degree weather with 9 others looking exactly like me, with funny looking plaques that say Elder, and Jesus Christ.  It was fun talking to real people.  We talked to a couple of Mormon families that felt obligated to talk to us and some straight crazy other people.  We talked to a black homeless guy who had a testimony of the power of Christ.  He preached to us about how “crack cocaine” is of the devil and that we must build our foundation upon the rock of Christ.  The guy was still messed up form the drugs he had done his entire life but I could tell he was a changed man.  He may have been the weirdest dude alive, but it was so fun to talk to him.  He promised that if we prayed for him he would pray for us!  Also at the Pier we ate a famous bowl of clam chowder, visited the Ghirardelli Chocolate Factory, watched the seals (my favorite animal), went to the taffy store, and read the Book of
Mormon.  Definitely a good day!

I am so sad to hear about Grandma Hendrix.  There is nothing I can really do, but I know that I pray day and night for the Lord to comfort all the family, especially my Mom and Grandpa.  I’m not sure how she is doing but I know that whatever happens is for the best.  Grandma was an amazing mother, example, and member of the church.  She blessed all that need her!  I am so grateful for the atonement of Jesus Christ and the opportunity he gave all of us to live with God again.

Elder Adams

June 19th, 2012

Bonjour Famille! et Fmis!

Thanks for all of the letters from everyone!  Hearing what is happening in the real world is nice once in a while haha.  MOM, I never got these cinnamon rollz that you speak of!  I hope that one day they will find there way here because that SOUNDS so good right about now.  But on the realz, I would like it if people would stop sending me candy because I am getting HUGE.  Like I haven’t weighed myself or anything but I can just tell.  I’m gonna have to buy a whole new wardrobe if I continue to grow at this rate haha. Willard always was fat.

MTC life is the best! That’s so awesome that you guys are almost to Disneyworld.  Make sure and say HI to Special K for Me (Elder Kevin Christiansen). The MTC and Disney world are actually a lot a like ehh?  It’s just a completely different kind of happiness haha.  Right now I am riding the French Roller Coaster and it is making me wanna puke hahah (see what I did there).  French is so dang hard to learn but at the same time it is so rewarding!  I look back on these last three weeks and I have truly learned so much about French and the gospel as well.  I’m finally to the point where I can teach investigators for thirty minutes, in French, with my companion of course, without note cards!  I’m to the point when I talk in English I’m thinking about French words that would match what I am trying to say.  Sorry if that didn’t make sense haha.

My three French teachers are amazing! Two of them served their missions in Tahiti (Frere Gunderson & Frere Lindsay) where they speak both French and Tahitian. Everybody in our zone laughs at our district because we all have a little bit of a Tahitian-French Accent.  And I also have a teacher (Freere Blosil) that served his mission in France.  All three of them are the coolest dudes I have ever met. They are some powerful teachers for realz!

A lady Named Sheri Dew, CEO or something of Deseret Book, gave the devotional talk last week.  It was so legit.  The talk was basically about how we need to understand that most of the things in this life are temporary but the things of God are ETERNAL.  We need to think about every decision that we make and put it into an eternal perspective. We need to stand up for our religion and ourselves by not being easily influenced. Now-a-days people will do anything just to be cool and that is not COOL!  She also mentioned the statement "giving is far better than receiving" and how true and untrue that statement is.   We as Gods children need to understand the importance of receiving.   All of the gifts our Father in Heaven has in store for us will never be received if we don’t pray for them.  The last thing I can remember from her talk was D&C chapter 76.  The first ten verses in this scripture are amazing and will really help anybody who is having a rough time (especially missionaries).  She gave a pretty good talk, for a girl anyway haha, just kidding. Women know everything.

I can’t believe that I have already been gone for three weeks. It feels like time flies the longer I am here. All of the kids in my Zone left for France yesterday, such a sad day for me haha.   I was good friends with many of them and learned so much from so many of them.  This week I have pondered more about the Book of Mormon than any other time in my life.  I know without a doubt in my mind that The Book of Mormon is true, that Joseph Smith translated it by the power God, and that it is the sweetest book on the earth today!  I know that Joseph Smith and many others wouldn’t have given their lives or died for some silly book if it wasn’t indeed true!   I love this book and the effect it has had on my life.  People, take Moroni's challenge if you haven’t ever done so, and do it again if you have!  God answers prayers and wants the best for us!  Y’all Rock. Stay Awesome.

Love Elder Adamz