Monday, July 29, 2013

E-mail July 22, 2013

July 22, 2013
HI mother.  Sounds like life is the best... just like every week.  Quelle bénédiction!  Thanks for the missionary tip.  I will be sure to put it to practice.  Sounds like you and dad have been teaching a lot with the sister missionaries.  That’s sweeeet.  Members missionaries are the coolest.  Keep it up.  I have yet to find a suit.  That is my goal today.  I will have to let you know next week if I have succeeded.  I will be sure to take a cute little pic for you in my French suit... don’t you worry.  And the shoes.  Long story short. One of the Elders in the mission has zero money and zero support from home and he really needed some shoes haha.  So I may or may not have given him my new pair of shoes that y’all sent me with Kenna. Sorry bout that!  But like always when we help others the Lord helps us!!!!  The very next day after I gave him the shoes I found an old pair of shoes underneath my bed that work very nicely!   #Blesssssed. I may buy a cheap pair if I can find them during "soldes" these next couple of weeks.  That’s legit that Phil Mickelson won the major.  Guy is a stud.  Not his biggest fan but that’s neat.  #Chapeau.  Speaking of golf... have y’all been able to play or has it been way to hot?  Im guessing Fallon’s grass is all yellow if its been that hot eh?  Hopefully it will cool down so y’all can get out there and whack some ballz. 

This last week was a week of miracles.  The Lords hand in our work was very visible.  So the week started off on another trek to Paris (soooo many long train rides).  We had our exchanges with the assistants.  Super legit.  I also got to go to the mission home for a little bit. Got to see Prez. He is sooo legit!  Love that man.  We were able to talk for a little bit about the missionaries in our zone  and I picked up all of our mail for the zone.  Like always... nothing for me haha.  Lifes rough eh?  But lets be real.  I am pretty bad at writing back so don’t bother sending them things.  The exchange with the assistants was super short but very productive. An american girl who lives in France doing some kind of service thing and a french girl who just graduated from BYU. were at the train station.  We ended up catching the same train as them during an exchange. Super funny convo. Yes they are members. Small world!  But best of all when were in the train station buying tickets to come back to Strasbourg when I met a man who lived in America for a little bit but he is French.  Turns out he met a Mormon family in America who he really liked.  He was very interested in our message and we were able to set up a RDV with him with the assistants.  Coooool.  And then after we got back from our exchanges with the assistants we went on exchanges with the Elders in Mulhouse (only an hour train ride!).  They have been struggling finding new amis so we really focused on that.  Turned out to be the best exchange of my mission.  Everyone we talked to was interested in the gospel!  We were able to find some new amis for them to teach.  No better feeling then being able to help other missionaries!  Serving the lord is the best. And also in our own area we were able to find 8 new amis!  Highest number of the mish so far.  Stats are not important but it does help me to see how much the Lord is blessing us and how he is hastening his work.  This week in the France Paris Mission we found 210 new amis!  The highest number in the history of the mission by a mile. Just 2 years ago the average in the mission was 50 new amis.  The Lord is hastening his work for sure!  The people of France are being prepared to get whacked with the spirit!  So glad to be apart of it.  It’s amazing what happens to a mission when it has a legit President and a bunch of obedient missionaries!  The sky is the limit.

Thanks for being awesome.  Thanks for all of your prayers... I feel them each and every day... especially for my French!  I have been able to see so much progress as of lately.  The Lord answers prayers!  Don’t you forget it!  Remember... "When LIFE gets to hard to stand... KNEEL!  Thanks for EVERYTHING. Life rocks.  Have a good week y’all.  Je vous aime!

Elder Adamz

E-mail July 15, 2013

Mother. Sorry for the weak email last week. You didn’t deserve that. I will repent and try to do better this week!  A new suit costs around $150 or so.  Depends on where and when. Right now is Solds(A big sale)  so everything in France isssss suppper cheap. I need one pretty bad. Both of my American suits are not going to last much longer. I have sewed them dang pants a gajillion times hah  Life goes on. I didn’t really care haha, but all of my roomies were pretty bummed. I guess Strasbourg is famous for their firework show. Dommage! There is always next year. 
a. My sewing is pretty poor but thanks to those pants it’s safe to say I’m gonna be a pro here pretty soon. I want to buy some ties for people so send me some extra cash please! I have heard nothing about this big train crash. I talked to President this morning and he said nothing about a train crash so I’m guessing all of the missionaries are safe. I’m curious to see what happened. I’m sure we will here all about it. Yes, yesterday was like the Fourth of July for France. They had a huge firework show. Sadly we missed it just barely. We only have windows on one side of our house and the fireworks were on the windowless side. SAD!

The baptism went super well.  Dominique is a stud!  He was the happiest guy I have ever seen in my life the hour before and after his baptism. He soaked it in well. The Bishop baptized him. It was super cool. At the end of the baptismal service Dominique got up to the pulpit and shared his testimony.  It was a little testimony but it packed a punch!  It’s amazing what happens to a persons life when they realize that God lives and that he loves them!  That can change everything.  Dominique’s testimony is something I will never forget. It’s the moments like that that give me a surety that God sent me to France for a reason. That I am here in Strasbourg for a reason.  That learning French is friggin hard but its essential if I am to fulfill my purpose as a missionary in the country God sent me to.  Assurance that comes from God is the best assurance ever.  Seek an agent near you ;) #missionaryHUMOR

It’s been so fun these last 8 weeks to see a ward completely change its attitude towards missionary work.  Before me and Elder Webber arrived 8 weeks ago it had been years since the last baptism.  Not good.  We knew that if we were going to gain the confidence of the members we had to find people who were ready to accept the gospel.  Prayer and hard work are the main ingredients to fulfill this sometimes seemingly impossible goal.  The lord answered our prayers and the members  prayers.... and he answered them quickly!  Three baptisms in 6 weeks.  I have seen a lot of miracles in my mission but none bigger then that.  And an even bigger miracle is that all three of these awesome children of God are staying steady in the gospel.  They are doing exactly what they are supposed to be doing.  Going to church. Reading their scriptures.  And sharing the gospel.  I am the most blessed missionary in the world to be here in Strasbourg. The Lord is blessing us left and right.  I am excited to see what these coming weeks will bring.  I’m sure they will rock.  Elder Dussere is a boss. It’s been fun to see how much better my French is after only being together two weeks.  I have been dreaming in French and thinking in French. Best feeling in the world.  I am loving it. The Lord has blessed me with a strong desire to improve my French day by day.  Most of the time missionaries sort of loose the desire to improve after they have discovered they can communicate good, enough but I want to keep going.  I want to speak just like a good ole Frenchie haha. Not sure if any of that makes sense but whatever.  Its not important. 

Glad you had a good time in Vegas. That big heat wave ya’ll were talking about hit Strasbourg I believe.  It has been so hot here!  I hate the heat. Hopefully those big French rain clouds come rolling in soon.  On verra. Thanks for all of your prayers and for being awesome. I am so blessed!  I know I say it every week but I hope my mission never ends.  I know I am where I am supposed to be.  I know god has prepared people here in Strasbourg who need to be taught the gospel.  They need to make sacred covenants with God so God can bless them more abundantly. I know the Book of Mormon is true and I know its a huge part of a strong and lasting conversion. The Book of Mormon is a testimony of Jesus Christ.  The sprit is there to testify to us that Christ lives.  So if you want a reassurance or a testimony of the divinity of Christ.... read the BOOK!  If you want your friends to know... force them to read the book.  The book does miracles.  But the book cant do miracles unless we share the dang thing.  Have a good week.  Que Dieu vous bénisse!

Elder Adamz 


No e-mail this week, but Elder Adams sent some photos of the area where he lives.  It is a beautiful town.

Friday, July 26, 2013

E-Mail July 1, 2013

Hi mother. Good to hear you didn’t loose any students this year. I bet that was on your mind the whole time haha. How many national champions did you rasie this year? haha. Thanks for sending the garments. I’ll be lookin for them. Oh and Whitney said she sent a package like three weeks ago. I haven’t seen it.  My guess is that she just lied but just ask her for me ehh. Thanks. Glad you finally like some of those photos Senourr P. takes for facebook.  Smiled just for you. That sucks its been super hot. Luckily here in the Burg its been very nice. It’s been raining a lot. Hopefully all that heat stays over there.

So I will start off by saying God DOES answer prayers. And he answers them well haha. These last couple of transfers my French has kinda stayed still... I wasn’t improving like I needed to be. I have been praying and praying for help. And how did he answer... he sent three Frenchies to Strasbourg!  My new comp is French and so are the two new Elders that moved into the apartment. What a blessing!  It has only been five days and I already feel like I’m fluent.  I can’t even imagine after a whole transfer, or two or three.  All day everyday everything we do is in French. It has been fun.  Luckily my comp speaks pretty good English so if I really need to explain something in English he understand just fine.  My comp is from the South of France. From Marseille.  It’s the second biggest town in French after Paris.  Right on the ocean.   Pretty neat. The other two Frenchies are from Bordeaux.  My comps name is Elder Dussere.  He is in his 8th transfer,  just one below me. 

This week we had mission council. It was legit.  The new focus for the mission is LOVE.  Love in our companionships and in all we do.  LOVE conquers all! The quote for the Strasbourg zone this transfer is "Love requires ACTION.  Jesus didn’t just talk about love,  he SHOWED it." We thought that was pretty clever.  Tomorrow all of the zone is coming to Strasbourg so we can train them on the new direction of the mission.  Should be a good time.  We got lots of good stuff prepared for them. 

Not sure what else I could tell ya.  This week was legit. We had so much to do so we had very little time for finding.  One day we had 5 minutes. We decided for these five minutes we would pray, then knock on five doors.  The third one let us right in!  #NeverHappens.  We will have to see what happens there.  Super nice lady.  Miracles are everywhere if we but look for them. Sorry if my English continues to get worse and worse haha.  That’s a good thing though.  Living with three Frenchies is crazy. Keep me in your prayers please haha. Thanks for all you do! Have a good week. Don’t die of heat.  BYE!

E-mail June 24, 2013

Sweet picture huh?  haha.  This is all I’ve got time for this week. Baptism went well. Blessing (her name) is a boss.  She will do big things.  It was fun to put the white on for the first time. Hopefully it’s the last time though... it’s so much better when the members do it!   

So I will be getting a new comp this week here in Strasbourg.  Elder Webber is going back to Paris to train a new missionary.  I will be training a new zone leader.  I will let you know his name next week. I am pretty sad that Elder Webber has to leave.  He is such a boss. The kid has taught me sooooo much.  I have grown a lot this transfer spiritually and physically (pretty sure I have gained about 15 pounds haha).  I’m excited to see what the future holds here in Strasbourg.  I know there are many more baptisms out there to catch!  I will be going to Paris two times this week.  That means I will be riding trains for about 10 hours (and spending about 1000 dollars of tithing haha). Not to excited for that but I will live.  Glad to here all is well back west. I was also glad to here that Lebron won. The French were pretty sad that their boy Tony Parker didn’t bring it home but tha’ts okay.... I’ll turn that Frenchy frown upside down with the gospel.  Have a good week.  I love you!!!   I will try to find time for writing letters soon. Sooo hardddd!
Elder Adamz

E-Mail June 17, 2013

Sounds like you’ve had quite an exciting week.  How’s life with no school? I bet yer livin the dream.  Good!  You deserve it.  Sounds like everyone and there mom have been getting there mission calls lately.  Logan, Baylee, and Jacob.  Way to legit.    Tell them all congrats. They are gonna be a bunch of bosses.  Pretty crazy how many missionaries are serving from good ole’ Fallon right now.  I’m glad Soeur P.  posted some photos of the conference. It was a real treat!  I’ll talk about that latter. Sorry I’m not very photogenic... I’ll work on that.  You’re welcome for all the lovely photos ;)  I’m not gonna lie I’d have to agree w ith you mother... my backside is pretty good lookin. Thanks for that. 

This last week was sick!  Elder Ballard came and talked to us for 2.5 hours!  And he also came with some  a Members of the Seventy... Teixiera and Caussé.  Way to leg it. The train ride that left at 5 am to Paris was definitely worth it.  So much spirit!!  We didn’t really eat all day but we got spiritually fed well enough it didn’t matter haha.  Oh yeah so while we were getting on the train in Paris I realized I had left my bag behind... but it was too late by the time I got on the train.  So my bag got left in the train station with 6999797756 billiion peepz.  With lots of prayer and fasting... someone actually turned the bag in!!!!  That never happens  in Paris. Such a blessinggggg. #Blessed.  I had my camera and lots of other things in it.  I’m still trying to figure out how I can get it back though.  We will see.  Back to the conference.  It was so good.  Causée gave an awesome talk on how we must believe we can baptize.  He was born into the church here in France (never happens) and he said he has literally seen hundreds of baptisms here. He pumped us up for baptizing.  Then Texiera gave an awesome talk on how we must work with the members.  He got it right.  We have really been working on that here in the mish. President has really been pushing us to teach with members and to involve them in all we do.  SO IMPORTANT.   Not easy but important. We have been teaching much more with members.  We have seen the blessings that come from it.  Teach with the 
missionaries please.   And finally BALLARD talked.  His talk was legit. He talked a lot about Preach My Gospel and how it was written by Christ himself.  That hit me pretty hard.  I will definitely be studying that book more.  And Ballard is like the father of PMG so he really nailed us on preach my gospel stuff.  He told our group of missionaries that we are the most obedient group he has ever seen.  #Compliment haha.  I’m sure he always says that but whatevs, we let it soak in.  I got to shake his hand.  All he said was, "Hi, Elder Adams."  Pretty lame but better then nothing haha je blague.  When he came in we were singing some French hymns.  It was pretty neat.  One of the most spiritual days of my mish.  One quote... "You have to be sound asleep to not notice that the conditions we are in... are the last days!"   SOOO TRUE.

So this last week we found many more new amis.  This place is seriously the dream land. I am in love with Strasbourg . I hope I never leave.  Elder Webber is such a boss.  Kid is an amazing missionary.  He has taught me so much.  Love the kid.  This is the last week of the transfer.  I hope we stay together for two!  We will see. I will have to let you know next Monday!  Have a good week. Sorry this letter is lame. I will write a better one next week. Stay awesome. Que Dieu vous bénisssse.