Monday, May 13, 2013

E-mail 4-15-13

Hellllo.  Sounds like life is the best mother. Your emails just keep getting better and better. Thanks for that. You had some good questions this week haha.  Don’t worry, all of the ladies have forgotten about me.  But that’s okay, I have forgotten about them as well.  Life is too good to worry about them, that struggle can wait some years haha.  Yup . At the beginning of the mish I found it really easy to write people back quickly, but as time has gone by I much prefer to sleep and play ping pong on P days now haha.  Peepz can email me though... that’s a lot easier.  About time I got my priorities straight ehh. And yes there are quite a few really cool land marks and stuff here but most of them are just a little outside of ST BRIEUC and we don’t leave here unless we have to. And on P-day we can’t use the car so its hard to do a whole lot. Our little legs can only carry us so far ya feelz.  That’s awesome that you got to listen to the temple session in a little bit of French haha. That will be cool to do after the mish. Speaking of French... yesterday I got to translate at church like always but this time I had to translate English into French from the pulpit!  I really surprised myself.  Not trying to build myself up... but hawt dang I can speak French. The gift of tongues is real yall!  If a goofy looking big bigheadedastronaut can learn French... anything is possible. ANYTHING. 

This last week was easily one of the best. We had so many good things happen. Yesterday we had 2 amis at church. Joelle was there like always (love her to death) and we finally got Jean Pierre to come! (lives 30 minutes away)  He LOVED it. Just like we knew he would. He felt the spirit crazzzy strong... so strong that he even got up in Sacrament meeting and bore his testimony!  It was his first Sunday ever and he was already bearing his testimony.  He got up there with the Book of Mormon in his hand and testified of its truthfulness!  Oh la la.  He told a story about how one night he was getting ready for bed but something told him to open that book those silly Americans gave him. So he did! He turned to Moroni 7 and found verse after verse that spoke directly to him.  Maybe the most powerful moment of my mission.  The Lord has given me a million reasons/experiences to know why he has sent me here to France... but none stronger then this one!  I testify just like my friend Jean Pierre did. The Book of Mormon is true.  Its there to bless us... so let it!  But that won’t happen unless you decide to open it and ponder it. Before the mission I regrettably studied that thing for about a total of 30 minutes I think (all 18 years combined). Mistake.  Don’t wait 18 years to study the thing yall.  Do it now.   Do it everyday.  Do it as a family.  Do it personally. Do it when you’ve had a bad day. Do it when you’ve had a good day!  JUST DO IT!  Do it so God can bless you. He wants to!  Why not let him?  Why!

The mission is the best thing that has ever happened to my life. And I am reminded of it every single day. The tough ones and easy ones.  Life could not be better. I am so grateful to a father, brother, and brothers-in-laws who have set an example of faithful missionary work and the effect it can have on a person and on their family.  Missionary work rocks!  Don’t forget it peeps.  If you’re thinking about serving a mission. Don’t think. JUST DO IT.

Love yall. Bises.


PS - I need some of those brown sugar bags! I can’t make cookies without it. And chocolate chips. And wee need some peanut butter too please. I have eaten all of Elder Davis’ so maybe you could send two? haha.  And yes I bought some new shoes. They are super nice but I’m not sure how long they are going to last. I want to switch them off with my other pair everyday but my other pair is completely destroyed.  Like there are holes everywhere in them.  What shall I do? I can’t afford to buy another pair?  I”m not sure if you think it would be a good idea to buy another pair of those Hush Puppy ones from CTR clothing?  They lasted a long time. I think if I had those with this pair I got now that would last for all of my mission.  Let me know what you think.  I don’t know!  If you got time we could use those lil goodies I mentioned at the beginning of next week. Our amis need some cookies. Love you.

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