Monday, May 13, 2013

E-mail 4-8-13

Mother... you’re getting real old haha. Pretty weird that you’re over halfway to a hundred!  Just kidding you didn’t deserve that. Pretend that didn’t happen.  Glad you got the little card.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY!  You’re the best. Thanks for that.  You’re the best mother and teacher ever.  Don’t let anyone tell you different... especially those stupid high school punks ;)  Sounds like you had a good time in Utah.  You should probably just move there.  Might save you a little money instead of going back and forth all the time.  Glad to hear dad is still hooking you up with flowers. But lets be real... my present was better? Jk.  But for reals.

General conference was off the chain ehh.  So much to learn in such a short amount of time. So many good talks.  I especially loved the talks on missionary work by the Prophet, Elder Andersen, and Nelson. kinda relevant ehh.  Ill be real though... I listened to them in French so I didn’t get everything out of them like I should’ve  (can’t wait to read them)  haha mais néanmoins j'ai appris les choses.  Oh and we had 4 amis come and listen to general conference!  That was pretty neat.   Friday night here at the church it was just me and Elder Davis with our two amis sitting in front of a big screen watching conference on the other side of the world!  Doesn’t get any better then that.  Oh wait it does.  One of our amis went and picked up our other ami becasue he had no other way to get to church!  So yes... we had an investigator bring an investigator to church not knowing each other at all!   Can’t say I have ever seen that one yet.  Life is the best. Oh yeah and on Sunday for the first time ever here in St Brieuc we had general conference at the church. Thanks to the wonderful missionaries haha we talked them into it.  We had a big lunch at 1 and then watched the 2 o’clock session together.  There were a total of about 20 members and 2 investigators. Quite a few for only having 25 members!  And they loved it.  Pretty sure they will do it again next time. That was neat. Oh yeah and my head may or may not have gotten a little bit bigger yesterday (I mean  mentally not physically people.. I know I have a huge head... laugh it off). So last week I gave a legit lesson at district meeting about riding THE   I straight up gave everyone a legit picture of a wave and everything (with some scriptures). And then Elder Nelson straight stole my talk!  Hopefully you heard his talk on the missionary wave.  Pretty sure it was the same talk I gave haha. Love when that happens. Glad to know my revelation channel is working very nicely ;)

Sorry if this doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. I don’t have time to look back over it and I cant type anyway so ya. Have a good week. Bon semaine!

Conference quote of the year- "Journey on. Fan the flame of your faith!" (Holland) Do it yall! 



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