Thursday, October 31, 2013

E-mail 10-21-13

200 dollars!  Thanks so much mom, I will be able to a nice pair of shoes now. So I sent you a ton of photos today. I don’t have a whole lot of time to write. Our baptism yesterday was awesome. E is a boss. I tried to convince him to let a member baptize him because its way better that way, but he was set on me doing it.  I dealt with it haha.  There were a ton of members that showed up to his baptism!  SO COOL.  Best show out for any of my baptisms thus far.  The transfer is next P day!  So I will be sure to let you know what happens. And you’re going to kill me but... my camera broke yesterday right after the baptism!  It fell off the table. The batteries won’t stay in anymore.  Sorry to cause more problems.  Not sure if you have any extra cameras lying around.  I could use one in the next package.  Sorry to cause so much trouble! Hope you like all the pictures! I sent quite a few.   I will be sure to try to talk to President soon about the whole picking me up thing. Not too worried about it yet though. Give me some time.  And yes I am related to my companion Elder Hatch.  We looked it up one day. It’s like 4 generations back. Pretty crazzzy. He is from Huntington, Utah. LOVE YOU!
Elder Adams
                                                       Dinner after baptism
                                                     View from half way up Eiffel Tower

                                                    View from top of Eiffel Tower

Gash in head from crashing through a window? 

                                                       Fancy men's store in France       

                                                   Previous companions

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