Friday, August 17, 2012

E-mail 8-16-12

Mother!  Desolet pour not writing back on Monday! Things have been pretty crazy around here.  The reason I switched my pday to today is because we traveled with Patrick today to visit a castle in Namur! (with President's approval of course)  It was sooo much fun.  The chateau wuzzz BEE-UT-iFall!   Like I don't even know what to say about it haha but luckily I took beacoup du pics! (a lot)

Belgium is the besttt!  I remember before I got my mission call I was hoping for a mission with good food (I always did love to eat)... and that is exactly what happened.  The food here is amazingggg!  I can't get enough of it haha.  Belgium has the best chocolate in the world for sure.  They don't play no games with their chocolate. Belgium also has the best gauffres (aka waffle).  I think I've had around ten already?
ooops. Oh yeah and the best food of all is the frites!  Around every corner there are frites. (fries)  My love for potatoes grows bigger each day.  Everybody cooks them different so that gives Elder Adams a reason to try them all ehh. (I have lost 10 pounds so no more fat jokes please hahah)

Lets talk about the real treat here in Charleroi though.  The people!  They are the best.  Not gonna lie, most are a wee bit scary on the outside but on the inside they are tres gentile!   Each day I gain more and more love and respect for them.  We have had many awesome experiences this last week.  Our first meeting with the Madulla famille was schweet.  They are a couple in their fifties with three children. They love the Book of Mormon, they accepted to come to church, and they want to learn more.  Probably the three best things I have ever heard in my life!  The Spirit was so strong during the lesson, probably the strongest I have ever felt it.  I am still struggling with the French but I was able to clearly bear my testimony during the lesson about prayer and about how much the Book of Mormon has changed my life.  French is sooo hard but with the spirit it is POSSIBLE!   We have also been meeting with a man named Mack (an astronaut!)  He is a
genius.  The reason he is meeting with us is because he knows "there is something else out there."   It's true!   There really,  is but with him it is soo hard to teach because his mind is all about numbers and facts, haha, but with time I hope we can help him to gain faith.  Our last meeting with him was a wreck.  I wish not to talk about it haha but we are meeting with him again so hopefully we can redeem ourselves.  We have also been meeting with C.  She has been meeting with the missionaries for nine years haha.   She came to church with us though for the first time in a long time!   That was awesome.  She used  to cook for the Kking of Belgium.  Not sure what that has to do with anything?  haha.  Maybe her time has finally come for baptism?   She has a testimony of the Book of Mormon and is sooo nice so it is possible. Anything is possible, nes pas?

For the first time since i have been on my mission I got the opportunity to do service!   It was soo fun.  I thought I would be just fine without doing manual labor for two years but I was wrong.   I miss it.  We cut down a huge thorn bush tree thingy and cut down a lot of limbs.  It took a lot of time but the church looks so much better now.  I may have torn a huge hole in my nice slacks too? oops.

I have learned so much these last couple of weeks.  I could go on for hours about the many things i have learned.  I have learned so much, yet I know soo little!   I have learned so much about the gospel, yet I
know so little about the gospel!   But I look at it as somewhat of a good thing because it gives me motivation.  Motivation to work harder and become better one day at a time.  "The life life with the greatest REWARD, is a life turned over to the LORD."   Sooo True!   Mish life is the best. I am loving it.

My love for the Book of Mormon has grown soo much.  I can't get enough of it. There is soo much to be learned within its pages.  I have never been much of a reader.  Actually lets be honest.   I HATE reading!   But its different when I  read the Book of Mormon.  When I read I try to relate it to me.  There are so many stories to relate to in the B of M!  I have been reading in Alma this week.  Reading from Alma is so leggit
for me at this time in my life because its all about missionary work!  Alma and Amulek are some powerfull teachers.  Gotta love um.

Life is the best.  You all are the best.  I recieved a ton of emails this week and I don't have the time to respond.  If anyone besides my famile wants to communicate, please write letters!  I am not allowed to
email back. Love yall!  Stay Awesome!

Love Elder Adamz

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