Tuesday, August 28, 2012

E-mail 8-26-12

Thanks so much for the packages! I got them both. The ties, the candy, and the potatoes will all be put to good use! Don’t send any more packages though! That stuff is expensive. Letters and email will do just fine.

This last week has been awesome! A real life changer for sure. But before I explain I’ll try to answer all of your questions. Our apartment is really small but its way leggit. I love it. Both of our beds are on the bottom level and our desks and couch are in the upper loft tree house lookin thing. For dinner we pretty much just cook ourselves. Not gonna lie... I am a pretty dang good cook. We eat a lot of potatoes (mashed and fried), chicken, sausage, and rice. Oh and vegetables. They are really cheap so we have them often. The place where we buy our food is super close so that’s nice. The members rarely feed us except for Patrick. Patrick feeds us every Saturday for lunch. He is the best. Last Saturday we went to Rafaels Fritterie. They were the best fries everrrrr. That place is a real nice treat. I’m sure ill be visiting there again soon. About splits; there are two other missionaries in Charleroi. They have the south and we have the north side. It is split right down the middle of the city pretty much. Tomorrow we are having our first zone meeting so that should be fun. We have to travel by train to Brussels. We don’t get to see President often because there are almost 200 missionaries in the Paris France Mission. Maybe he will be at district meeting tomorrow?  I’m not sure. Probably not. The First Presidency has asked every zone to have a meeting so I am kinda excited and scared to see what is happening haha. I think that should’ve answered most of your questions.

This week our ward had a huge BBQ! It was awesome. A little over a hundred people were in attendance and 40 of them were investigators! I was like a kid in a candy store. I couldn’t stop smiling all night! (and i hate smiling haha) It was such a blessing. All night we were able to talk to non-members and set up some rendezvous (appointments). A lot of Book of Mormons were given away that night and we gave many people a tour of the building. People really loved that. The building here is so nice and is kept in very nice condition by the members.

This week we have really had some progress with our amis! (investigators) The Madulla famille is awesome. They were at the BBQ and for the first time got to meet some members of the ward and see the building for the first time. And they even stayed after and rode home with the Bishop! They have really come a long way. They were found my first week here while porting (knockin down doors). They are having a rough time with a lot of things, but I feel like they are feeling the love that God has for them more and more. The main reason they are feeling His love is because of the Book of Mormon. They love it! They have three kids and they aren’t married. Bizzare nes pas? haha. But we had a discussion last night about marriage and they are really praying and thinking about it. I can’t wait for our next rendezvous on Friday. We have a few others who are progressing well also but I don’t have the time to explain haha I still type so slow! These key boards here are killing me.

Last Wednesday I had my first experience with catholic mass! Last week we were porting and got invited into a house where a man named John Phillips was visiting his dad. The dad didn’t want to hear from us but John said that he did so he gave us his address and told us to give him a visit. So of course we did. Two days later we took a fifteen minute train to... I don’t remember haha. John picked us up at the station and drove us to his house. When he picked us up he was wearing a white robe with a huge wood cross! It was pretty awesome looking. Everyone was staring at the weird lookin Americans in suits and a man in a robe. I'm sure it was quite the site. Once I saw him in the robe I knew things were about to get weird. And they did. He lived in a Catholic village! (same thing as a Amish town pretty much) When we pulled in everyone was wearing these robe things and was heading to the church. Lots of them shook are hands and welcomed us. They really were some nice people. For about a half an hour we got a tour of the mansion and the garden and a few other things. It was pretty awesome. We got to snack on orange juice and cookies down by the creek while discussing the Book of Mormon. John is seriously the nicest person I have ever met in my life. The discussion went well but I’m not sure it had a huge effect on him. He just wanted to know what the Mormons are all about. Well after the tour we got to go to his church! I’m not sure if I should really explain this because I don’t want to be disrespectful or anything. Just know that it was the scariest thing that ever happened to me. The service took place exactly beneath the church in the basement. There was lots of singing and bowing and other things. It was definitely a experience I’ll never forget. Best day of my life probably.

Well that’s about all I got. I hope all is well back at home. Sounds like Dad and Garrett had a good time fishing. That’s the best. Fishing is the best. Life is the best. Oh yeah and that’s pretty awesome that Derek got called as a seminary teacher. Tell him congrats. I’m sure he is pretty pumped about it haha. But on the realz, he would be an awesome seminary teacher. I’m sure the kids will love him. That would be funny if he taught Ali in his class, nes pas?

#ChurchIsTrue   #BelgiumRockz  #LoveYall  #StayAwesome  #xoxo

Avec Amour,
Elder Adamz

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