Wednesday, September 12, 2012

E-mail 9-10-12

Thanks for the emails Mom and Dad. You’re the best. This week was awesome! Sundays here are always really fun. I love the anticipation of seeing who will show up to church each week. This week we had three investigators come. We should’ve had six but ca va. It is so awesome watching people learn about the gospel and partaking of the sacrament when they still don’t even know if anything they are doing is completely true! The people here have got some faith! I have a good feeling about this next transfer. If all goes well I see a lot of success for us in the future but more importantly I see a lot of success in the future of the investigators. Hopefully they begin to see the big picture soon and the importance of baptism! I remember very clearly before my mission everyone telling me that I will probably not have any baptisms but that’s okay as long as I gain a testimony and become better myself. Not true! With that attitude no work will get done here in Europe. So many missionaries here still believe that and to me it is kind of sad. Our goal as missionaries is to help others come unto Christ by baptism! Before I left on my mission I would be lying if I said I didn’t agree with everyone and accepted the fact that I might not have any baptisms. I am so grateful for awesome AP's and for other missionaries who have helped me to have an attitude of baptism. A good attitude really does affect the outcome. 

Oh yeah and for the first time on my mission I had the opportunity to bless the sacrament this week! It was a train wreck. It took me three times before I did it correct! haha. I am such a loser. You’d think that if you had a card right in front of your face you could read it but I guess its not that easy when its in French haha. That’s definitely something I will need to practice this next week during language study. The language has been coming along very well this last week. Without a doubt the hardest thing for me is pronunciation. I sound way to AMERICAN. I have so many words in my head from all the flash cards I study but each time I go to spit them out the people have no clue what I am trying to say haha. It makes perfectly good sense in my BIG head but these little Belgians don’t seem to get it. With time and the Lords help I hope this can be fixed! These last couple of days me and my companion have taught some awesome lessons. Lots of the time he has to teach most of the lesson but this week we were pretty even! One lesson I talked for 3 minutes without stopping! Doesn’t sound like much but it IS. I almost didn’t even have to think and the words were just flowing out! With the help of the spirit anything really is possible, even Elder Adams speaking le Français!

I hope all is well back home! Life here is the best. Being a missionary is the best. Oh yeah, and a happy bday to my bro! #SuchAStud. #22AndStillNotMarried? #HurryUp.

Avec amour,

Elder Adamz


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