Monday, January 14, 2013

E-mail 1-14-13

Glad you finally got the package. The photo by the Eiffel tower is with Elder Maxwell. I will try to send you the picture through email next week like you asked. I don’t have the stuff to send it this week.
To answer all of your questions about visiting Paris, honestly I have no idea. I have never really heard of any body getting picked up by their family. I don’t see why not though. Give me another year and hopefully I will be able to answer that question haha. Only time will tell.

Well I was pretty certain that I would be staying here in Chartres for at least one or maybe even two transfers. WRONG. Just when I get comfortable in a ville it’s time to peace out!   I’m going to St Brieuc!  It is Bretagne... supposedly the best looking part of France. I will be right on the ocean. I’m not the biggest fan of seafood but from what I hear I’d better learn to love it haha. Not a problem. I can eat anything. Oh and I will be a district leader. Pretty excited about that. Teaching a lesson in French for an hour and a half each week sounds like a fun challenge to me. “Whom the Lord calls he qualifies.”  Hopefully that means he will make my French qualifiable. Is that a word?  Probably not. But you get the point haha. I leave on Wednesday for my new ville! And then on Thursday I have a training thing in Paris. It’s gonna be a good week for sure! Oh and my comp is going to be Elder Schultz from Salt Lake City.  I know nothing about him except for that and that he is a very young missionary. He will be in his third transfer I believe. Life is going to be real hard. But I’m pretty pumped for it.

My last full week in Chartres was pretty amazing. The first part of the transfer was easily the hardest time of my life. The work was moving very very slowly. But it has really picked up this last week. We have found some new amis and we have started teaching a good number of lessons. The Lord has surely been blessing us by putting people in our path who are ready for the gospel in their lives. We currently have two people who I believe will be baptized in the near future. I wish they could be baptized within the next two days before I leave but that would be asking just a little too much I think haha. Yesterday our ami B came to Church! We have been trying to get him to church for 8 weeks now!  It was so awesome. And I must add that he was looking quite fresh. He had on a swag suit and some fancy French shoes. I was taking notes for sure. And he picked a dang good week to come to church because Elder Adams was giving a talk in sacrament meeting! haha. I received the assignment to give the talk about 4 weeks ago so I had plenty of time to prepare.  And I did just that. I prepared and I prepared a lot haha. I think this was the first talk I have ever gave in my life when i wasn’t freaking out the minutes leading up to the talk or during the talk. The French was flowwwingggg! Its pretty amazing what practicing, pronunciation, and praying to the Lord that the people would understand can do to a person’s talk! haha.  I think my talk lasted for just under fifteen minutes.  Pretty sure I have never even talked that long in English.  It felt pretty dang good.  Practice really does make perfect haha jk.  In my case.... practice makes things understandable.  It ain’t easy for a poor white worm farmer boy to learn this liberal French but with the Lord its possible haha.  Anything is possible!  And in my talk I even told a little joke.  Pretty sure it was my first French joke ever! No one ever gets my jokes in French but they got it!  #Blessings.

Well that’s about all for the week. I hope y’all have a good week.  Stay awesome.  Dieu soit aven toi jusqu'au revoir!  Peace.

Elder Admaz.
New address:  Elder Miles Adams
1 Allée Marie le Vaillant
22000 St Brieuc

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