Monday, January 21, 2013

E-mail 1-21-13

This week was super leggit.  Easily the best week of my mission. The work here in St Brieuc is progressing like crazzzzy!  My new comp is a stud.  Elder Schultz is from Salt Lake.  He played college golf and is really athletic!  This week I got to put those sweet Nike Frees I brought to work!  Maybe they might even get a little dirt on them.  It’s nice to have lots in common.  He knows his stuff for sure. And his French is just like his golf game... way better then mine! haha.  

I have learned so much this past week. Being a leader is so much different then just being a normal missionary haha.  I have a lot of responsibility now.  It’s been a while since I have had any of that so its taking a little time to gets use to but no biggy.  The Lord is helping me.  I’m pretty excited to teach tomorrow for the first time. I’v been practicing so hopefully it goes well haha.  Pray for me! And now I am in charge of the blue card for my district.  So much money!  Pretty sure I have already spent like a thousand dollars. Thank you, all you faithful tithe payers out there!  Without you I would have a whole lot of walking to do. We went to apris twice this past week.  Way to much.  In a total of two days we spent just over 15 hours on a train!  Pas bon pour la santé.  Safe to say I passed out a couple of times.  Trains make me soooo tired.   C'était bien.

St Brieuc is way too leggit. We are super close to the ocean but I have yet to see it. Maybe one of these days if I’m lucky.  Our Branch President lives on the ocean so I’m sure I’ll get to see it soon. He is a super cool dude.  Maybe the funniest guy I have ever met. Yesterday was the best Sunday ever.  Its always fun to meet new people.  I can already tell I am going to have a good time here in St Brieuc.  Les membres ont incroyable.  Oh and more then half the ward speaks English haha.  Lots of people have moved here from England. So that’s been kinda cool. I can communicate pretty fluently with them haha.  But not completely. English people have some crazzy accents!  I have to really use my head to understand what they are saying haha.   So pretty much I’m not fluent in any language now.  Bummer eh. Oh, and yesterday we had 4 amis at church!  It was crazy. We have like 25 members here so to add four more to that made a big difference.  La branch était tres enthousiaste. As was I!   One of the people at church was D. She will be baptized the 10 of February. Way excited for her. She was found the transfer just before I got here. Another ami was F.  It was his first Sunday.  He is a blind man that was found while doing porte à porte!  He’s got so much faith!   The first time we asked him to come to church he said yes without hesitation.  He can’t even see us but he’s got enough faith to get into some random members car and go to some random church.  He is incredible.  We are still trying to figure out how to find him a way to read the Book of Mormon.  I’m sure the Lord will help us figure out something.  But for now we will just have to read to him. (that takes faith as well... Americans reading French isn’t always the easiest thing to understand but we are getting better)   We hope to set a baptismal date with him this week as well.   I could see him being baptized the same day as D!  Such a good week.

I have yet to taste sea food as well.   Hopefully soon.  It’s beeeeen soooooo cooooold here.  It hasn’t snowed here for two years the members said, but the first night I got here it snowed like two inches. People were freaking out haha.  People wouldn’t even go outside of their houses.  All of the buses closed down so we had lots of walking to do.  It was way cold but it was way fun.  I love the snow. It’s snowed twice now since I have been here. The devil is trying to slow down the work but we won’t let him ;)   Some people wouldn’t even come to church on Sunday because it had snowed earlier in the week.  They just figured it would still be cold.   Dommage pour eux.  There are lots of branches in my area. I think there is only one ward and it’s in Rennes. There are four missionaries there... the zone leaders and sisters both of whom are in my district.  The other Elders are in Brest. The farthest west you can go in France I believe.  I will be going there tomorrow for exchanges.  So with me and my comp that makes eight in my district.  Best district everrrrr!   I will try to send pics next week of my new life here in St Brieuc.  Hope I answered your questions and sorry its a short email.  No time.  Have a good week. Thanks for being neat. Stay that way. I’ll pray for the 49’ers and Kap these next two weeks so they can do work in the Superbowl.  Oh and tell Jimmers coach to play him.  Have a good holiday!

Bises Bises Bises

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