Monday, February 11, 2013

E-mail 2-4-13

Hello. Sorry for last week with no time. But if were being completely honest its the same situation this week haha. Don’t hate me for it!  I’ll try to type fast but its not easy on these French key boards. That’s’ a bummer that the 49'rs lost ehh.  But whatever there;s always next year.  Glad you were able to see me singing happy birthday in French haha. Soeur Poznanski is leggit.  She is always taking pics and videos for that facebook page she has.  My birthday was a real treat.  I was actually in Rennes on exchanges with the zone leaders.  I forgot it was my birthday when I woke up until Elder Schultz reminded me.  That was nice of him.  And to be completely honest I forgot it was my birthday pretty much throughout all the day.  But I did remember to write in my journal at night that it was my bday so no biggy.  I’ll be able to remember it forever now.  Elder Foley made me some super good crépes for my bday as well. They were delightful.

This last week we had interviews with President and zone conference. It was leggit. President is the man. It’s pretty fun doing interviews because I can actually speak French with him and understand him very well.  And I can sit through an entire zone conference in French and get every bit of it.  Best birthday present I have ever received!   Being able to speak and understand French!   Life is sooooo much nicer when you can try to focus a lot more on the gospel then on French haha.  Life has been real good these last 8 months or so but I have a good feeling its gonna get a lot better.  Communication is key..

We have two baptisms coming up these next two weeks.  D will be baptized the 10th and Monsieur F the 17th.  We had planned for them to be baptized the same day but it wasn’t the will of our Heavenly Father.  Yesterday we talked with F and decided to move it to the 17th instead. D is from Guadeloupe.  She is too leggit.  She has been taught for about the last 3 months or so.  She is definitely ready. We had an awesome lesson with her on Saturday.  We have finished all the commandments and she is willing and ready to keep them all.  She will be blessed for sure.  The members love her and have a good relationship with her as well. That is crucial!  And for Monsiuer F.   He is actually a blind man.  He is amazing.  I love that man!  He has got more faith then anyone who ever lived!  He is so in tune with the spirit as well.  He can’t even see us or any of the members or the scriptures... but he knows and certainly feels that it is all true!  He is out of control amazing.  Can’t wait to see their  lives change.

Got to go.  Quick pensez spirituelle.  Don’t just say have a good day to people.  Actually do something that helps people to have a better day!  Actions speak way louder than words!  ( 1 John 3:18 )  N'oubliez pas!   Have a  good week. A la prochaine.  Love yallllllz.

Elder Adamz

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