Monday, February 11, 2013

E-mail 1-28-13

NO time for writing but I will send pics instead. Thanks for all the birthday wishes. You’re the best family in the world. Don’t forget it!!! Love you to the moon and back. Don’t tell me that you’ve been eating fried chicken and mashed potatoes. That’s the best. You’re lucky!  My comp went to school at BYU Hawaii. I have put like 15 miles on the Nikes since I have been here. We run almost every morning for 2 miles. It’s killing me but I’m loosing weight so that’s okay! T he French are not like Americans with lots of work out gyms. Not sure I have seen any here really. Kinda weird ehh. Tell Ryan thanks for the letter. I’ll try to write him and you back. Thanks for the package! We have already ate the brownies! You’re the best. Love you. Have a good week. Remember that you’re the best!  Don’t forget it.
I think I answered all your  questions.

Bread and Cheese Dinner
Elder Adams
View from our apt. in St. Brieuc

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