Monday, February 11, 2013

E-mail 2-11-13

Bonojurrrrr.  How are y’all?   Life is real real good here in St. Brieuc.  We have been blessed so much. Miracles have been happening all over the place!  My journal has been having a real nice transfer.  So much happening right now!  Yesterdays baptism was amazzzinggg. Spirit was there bien sur.  D is amazing.  She was so ready to be baptized.  She was so ready that she even showed up to church 15 minutes early!   Before all of the members ahha.  Church has sometimes been a struggle for her but not anymore. #dedication.  It’s amazing how much better people look in white!  Elder Schultz and D were lookin like a million bucks.  Oh yeah and before the baptism we had church for three hours.  Forgot to throw that one in there. Me and Elder Schultz gave the sacrament talks.  They were decent. Could’ve been a little better prepared on my part haha, but Elder Schultz gave a real nice talk. We had the topic “The Plan of Salvation,”   it kinda felt like I was giving a missionary lesson from the pulpit haha. Then 15 minutes after sacrament meeting we had the baptism. It was amazing. Almost all of the members were three plus 4 other investigators!  I’m excited to see all 4 of them this week and see what they thought about baptism and to set a date for them!  Such a good day yesterday.

This week I went on an exchange with Elder Dalmer  (used to live in Elko and Winnemucca).  It was out of control awesome.  To start the exchange we hoped on a train to go to a town 20 minutes away to visit a lady that said she was interested in seeing us. (heard that one before)   Well she wasn’t kidding!   We were only 30 seconds into the lesson when she started crying.  I was a little freaked.   I asked if they were sad tears or happy ones haha.   She said happy (BIG sighhhh)   because she felt the spirit so strongly once we entered her house and she knew that what we had to tell her was true.  Doesn’t get much better then that!!! And of course right after she said that I asked her to follow the example of Jesus Christ and to be baptized. The spirit wouldn’t let her say no!   She said yes with a HUGE smile on her face.  BEST APPOINTMENT EVER.   I have been working for my tail off for 7 months to find my brothers and sisters who are ready for the gospel... and all we needed with her was thirty seconds.   She will be baptized the 3rd  of March. And Mister F has been moved to the same date as well.  We decided he will need a little more time before entering the water.  He needs to get his bum to church!  We will have a good ole country RDV with him tonight.  Can’t wait.

Life is too leggit right now. Thanks for all you do.  Oops I forgot to answer your questions mother. Yes I am a district leader in Bretagny.  The best area in the mission, bien sur.  As a district we have many baptismal dates coming up.  I am pumped for every one!  And yes I have to do exchanges with each person in my district one time per transfer(except the sisters).  So far I have been to both Rennes and Brest. Way awesome towns!  This week I will do my last exchange with the zone leaders in Rennes.  Oh and next week is the end of transfers!  It’s only a 5 week transfer because all of the new stuff going down at the MTC.   So this Saturday I will see if I’m staying or if I’m getting a new comp.  Should be fun.  And your other question... p days are kinda boring.  Normally we just do emails and grocery shopping and walk around town.  I have visited a few castles but not too many.  Today I need to buy some new shoes thoughhh... My shoes are dyinggg.  They have got some nice holes in them. Sorry about that. Have a good week. Love youuuuuuuuuu. 


Elder Adamz

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