Sunday, April 7, 2013

E-mail 4-1-13

Joyeux Paques!!

Hope ya’ll had a good time. Easter Sunday is always the best. Glad you were able to hear a couple of awesome talks... We had two solid talks yesterday as well. I am the translator so normally I don’t get a whole lot out of the talks except for the fact that translating is very hard haha.  But this time I actually learned. Yesterday the Lord was watchin over me!  I was understanding everything perfectly in French and I was able to translate it very well into English for our members. Real neat experience. And we had three investigators there!  A new lady we have just recently found came with her son. It was the first Christian church she has ever been too (she comes from a Muslim family).   It was so fun to see the big smile on her face and her sons as well.  You could literally see the spirit doing work within her and her son.  It was something to see.  They both came into the church at 9... wondering why they were there... and how a couple of weird Americans convinced them they should stay all the way till 12 o'clock  ("three hours of church! thats a long time.")  After church they didn’t want to go home!   #ToldYa.  Her son asked if they could come back on Monday and Tuesday and... haha.   We took advantage of that of course... we explained that church activities are normally just Sunday but we would love to have a family home evening with you tomorrow.   They gladly accepted haha.   Pretty excited.   It’s amazing what this gospel does to peoples lives. Pretty excited to teach them. 

This last transfer was amazing.  I have never learned so much in such a short amount of time. This last transfer I have really been stressing the little things. It’s the little things in life that give us direction. When we let go of the thought that we have to do huge things to see huge things we will succeed.  I’m not saying that we shouldn’t go big because if we don’t go big... we should just go home.  But it’s when we do the little things that big things happen!   It’s all through out the scriptures ya’ll. I remember at the beginning of my mission thinking that I had to do everything soo BIGGG.  Lots of lessons.  Lots of new amis.  Those are some good desires but those two things won’t happen unless you do the little things.  If you want to go big... you really got to go small!   Maybe ya’ll already knew that and its just a mind blowing thing to me haha.   It can really relate to everything in life.   If you want to be a doctor... you can’t just go BIG in one year and finish all  of your schooling.  It takes 8 years of learning a gazillion little/small things.  And after all those hard years... you get a BIG pay check!   #BOOM.   If you want to be in the NBA you cant just magically show up there one day.  You need to practice. You should probably play in High School.  And then play a little college ball.  And get jacked.   And shoot free throws.   And have good form... and... i could go on for days.   Do the little things.  Its when we see the little things in life that life becomes so much better.. so much bigger.  Think about it ya’ll.   If you want to see some miracles in your  life... do the little things.   Do the little things and see BIG miracles.   Life really is simple ehh?    Go Small or go HOME ya’ll!

Oh and transfer news... I’ll be staying here with Elder Davis.  I actually get to stay in a ville for more than two transfers.  La vie est belle.  And I’m still a district leader.   Pretty pumped for this transfer. Miracles are out there waiting for us.   Have a good week.  Stay small YA’LL!


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