Monday, August 5, 2013

E-mail July 29, 2013

Sorry about the whole money thing mother! You didn’t deserve that.  I will try to back off until next soldes.  Today is the final day so I think I am finished haha. But no promises ;) ... Glad Soeur Poznanski posted lots of cute photos of me haha. What can i say... camera friggin loves me.  Im a natural.  And yes Elder Walton was in my district in the MTC.  Kid is a boss.  Love him.  That’s crazy Chance is back already.  Doesn’t seem like that long ago when he left. And Paul is almost home as well. Time flies when you’re serving the Lord and having fun doing it!   Sooner then I want that will be me!   It is so dangggg hot.  I have never been so drenched in sweat in my life. It is sooooo humid here.  I have been wet for the last seven days 24/7.   Its so hard to sleep haha.  I am a little girl I know.  But lets be real... life is still legit even if i look like a loser walking around in a soaking wet white shirt all day.  Thats super legit that Angie and then Jeff are going to be married.

This last week was super legit.  Like always we had to make another long trip over to Paris for a leadership meeting.  It was so worth it.  It was a powerful meeting.  We talked a ton about the power of LOVE, and the importance of finding and baptizing families.  The two most important things we need in France right now.  The church relies heavily on Families and in order to find these families we need to have LOVE.  Love for our collègue and for or God.  This last transfer we have really been focusing on finding families.  And it works!   In the weekly leadership phone call this morning we were able to hear of tons of miracles concerning the new goal of finding families.  Ever since this new goal we set six weeks ago... the mission has found a gazillion more families.  Its been a huge testimony to me that God helps us to set goals according to the spirit... and then he helps us to accomplish them!    I have really come to learn recently the importance of inspiration and goal setting.  If we do these two together... miracles will follow every time.   I know that if we fix a goal that pleases God... he will lovingly give us the capacity to accomplish this goal.   He wants to give us everything... but it’s up to us to fix goals and do all that we can everyday to accomplish it.  And to accomplish it he gave us prayer... or the capacity to speak with Him and see what he would have us do according to the spirit.  I know Prayer and Setting Goals can help even the most lost souls.   I have really learned that recently as well.   All of the investigators Ii have been able to baptize on my mission have been,  thanks to these two things.  They have prayed and fixed goals! When we pray and fix goals we magically seem to answer our prayers.  Not sure if all of that made sense haah but ca va.
Thanks for your prayers.  They work.  God lives.  He answers prayers because he loves us.  If we love him we must pray.. always!  Do work this week.  LOVE YOU.  Que dieu vous bénisse.

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