Monday, November 4, 2013

E-mail 11-4-13

So first off  I have interviews with President next week! Next Friday to be exact. I will be sure to talk to him about my release date and all that nonsense haha. Not a problem. Make sure to remind me next week though! It’s about time I got around to all that. Désolé. I bet y’all are having a good time with Bruce and Jeff and Scott. Those are some cool catz. Miss those guys. Tell Jeff thanks for the little note. Kid is a stud. Tell him good luck with his little wedding thing next week. Pretty crazy how everyone in the family has gotten married this year. Last year there was like no one. Has Garrett come up with a date yet? They should probably get married soon eh ?

So Caen is super legit!  I love it here already.  Except for the fact that it rains. AND it rains. AND IT RAINS. It hasn’t stopped since I have gotten here. So much rain. But that’s okay. If it keeps at it we will be able to baptize people right in the road. That would be neat. This week we were able to find a super cool guy from Africa!  He’s so legit.  So right when we got off the train Wednesday we took our bags home and then went right to work. It was so legit!  After a couple of hours of discovering the ville and talking to lots of people we were on our way home when we came across this super nice African dude that was just about to get on the Tram. Right before he got on I stopped him and told him I had something to share with him. He kindly agreed haha. We sat down on this bench and talked. He is muslim but open to speak with us.  Since Wednesday we have been able to see him three times!  Yesterday we gave him a tour of the church. He was loving it!  And just a side note he is a professional soccer player here in France. He is so dang good. He pulled up his teams website and everything. He is everywhere in Nike photos and stuff. He just got player of the month in the French League. The guy is pretty famous here in Caen. He said he likes coming to the church because it helps him get away from the world (mostly from all the crazy soccer fans haha).  And yesterday we went out and played a little in the back parking lot.  Dude has got some serious game.  And he is hooking me up with a 200 dollar jersey with his name on it.  And he is going to get us tickets to his next game (not sure if we can go but that would be legit... we will have to see about that one).  PRETTTTY COOL.  So in exchange for all that... he gets the gospel. The best gift of all!  Lucky dog.

This last week we also had mission council (all the ZL's).  It went way well.  I seriously have the most legit Mission President in the world. The man is genius.  It’s not by chance that France is starting to explode. Obviously its because of the Lord and his timing but the Lord made sure that he called the right man for the job, that’s for dang sure.  The mission has made so much progress since I have been on my mission. It’s been so fun to be a part of it.  I really do have the best job in the world.  Being a missionary is neat.  Wouldn’t trade it for anything... except for maybe a twinkie.  (i am lookin pretty FAT these days ;)  So the new theme for this transfer is getting amis (investigators) to church!  We have made the goal to baptize a family before Christmas  (which we have made a lot of progress on) but none of these baptisms are gonna start happening until we get people to church.  Simple enough eh?  Learn the gospel, come to church, get baptized, repeat.  Simple as that. Gotta love the gospel. Tomorrow we will have the entire zone together to pass along the new theme. Should be a good time.

Oh and here in Caen there is just one ward.  There are about 80 members or so.  Not exactly sure. Pretty good sized ward though. They have only ever had 2 or 4 missionaries here in this town. But now there are 6!  Yesterday was the first day since this new change. Many people got up during Fast Sunday and bore there testimony about the importance of missionary work and how willing they are to teach and help us spread the gospel here in Normandy!  Needless to say this is going to be a good ville! Pretty excited for all that will happen in the coming months. Hopefully I don’t leave too quickly.

Also last week I was able to say bye bye to all of my homies in Paris. It was kinda hard saying bye to E and C who I was able to help baptize... along with all of the ward members and lots of other recent converts that I had been teaching. Such a good place Paris, I wouldn’t mind being able to go back before I finish my mission. Chances are low but ya never know.

Oh and next week I will try to send you some pictures of Caen and the new apartment. Our new apartment is friggggin ridiculous. It’s like a friggin mansion. I feel like royalty.  Its seriously reminds me of staying at the Ridge up in Tahoe.  It looks just like it.  Everything inside is brand new, all from IKEA.  Super nice kitchen.  Super nice bedroom. We have 2 showers and two toilets, and a big living room. If it was any nicer it would be hard not to just stay inside all day. But let’s be real... sharing the gospel is better.

That’s about all from this side of the world. Hope all is going well for y’all!  Gross bisous. Thanks for your prayers. Have fun with that new time change!  Don’t sleep through school and work.

PS- Not sure if I have told you already but since I have been on the mission I have gained 34 pounds! Not bad ehh?  LOLZ.  But on the real,  being fat sucks. Totally ripped the entire seem on my suit pants this morning next to my bum crack.  May or may not start worrying about my weight... Hopefully by the next time I talk to you next I have put on a few more!


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