Monday, December 9, 2013

E-mail 11-11-13

Hello! Before I forget, mother, Tommy emailed me and told me to tell you thank you for sending him a package.  That was nice of you.  When you gonna send me one?  haha.  Just kidding.  But for realz I need a camera.  I want to take so many pics but I can’t!  My other camera is DEAD.  She’s not in business anymore.  She hung on for a little but all good things come to an end ya know?  Désolé.  That camera was given to me by the mayor? haha.  That was nice of him.  I deserved a nicer one after all the friggin weeds I pulled for him but that’s okay.  C'est la vie n'est ce pas?
I swear you guys are from Utah. This last year you have been there like a gazillion times. You  should probably  just buy a little condo or something eh?   That would be a good idea. Just sayin like save yourself  some money and buy one.  Whitney sent me some pics of Graham last week.  Kid is lookin like a boss.  Three good lookin grandkids so far?  not bad.  Garrett will have the first ugly one probably.  Poor kid.  Seems like you be talkin to Miss Guisti a lot. Thats cool. She’s the best.  Tell her hi for me.  She’s been emailing me but i haven’t  had a whole lot of time to respond. Tell her sorry. I would totally send you some new photos but like I don’t have any!   NO CAMERA = no photos.   I’ll try to get some next week.  If I  have a camera?  Haha  I think you get the point ;)

I’ll answer your questions.  We are in a foursome here.   Four elders in the same apartment and the sisters live on the other side of town right next to the church.  With 6 missionaries in the same ville we run into each other often.  It’s pretty funny.  Sometimes we will be contacting on the road and people will say that they already talked to our collègues... and then we look farther up and there they are.... the Sisters contacting everyone 3 minutes before we do.  People tend to be a little annoyed when they get contacted more than once in the same day.  I try to avoid  doing that.  haha.  But if it’s been over 24 hours it’s okay haha.   Life is good! 

The soccer player is progressing well.  He has completely memorized the restoration.  He has got it down by heart.   One night we watched the restoration film.   He loved it.   He said that after he watched that was exactly how he had imagined it.  The only problem... he’s not sure if it’s true!   Not yet anyway.   Give him a couple of days.   A couple more rendez vous    and he will know.  He has been reading the Book of Mormon as well. vGuy is on the fast track to success!   The only problem we have with him is that its mid-season for pro soccer players!   He is a pretty busy man.  And he travels a lot.  HIs Team is in 8th.  But they did win last Friday so maybe they moved up.   We will have to see.  We see him tomorrow. Should be a real treat! 

So this last week we were able to fix 3 baptismal dates and we taught 18 lessons!  Pretty dang legit.  This place is popping!   Right now in the ward of Caen there are a ton of potential baptisms!  Yesterday at church I think all together there was like a total of 10 or so amis.   Pretty dang legit for France.  (for anywhere I think? haha)    Our zone training went super well.   The Assistants came to watch haha   and then we went on an exchange.   Oh not sure if I told you but the new AP is Elder Dussere!   My old French  companion. He is seriously my favorite.  I love the kid.  He did his first exchange with me as an assistant so that was neat I guess.  I trained him how to be a zone leader so I always joke with him that he’s the AP because of me.    But on the realz our exchange was way too good.  We had two solid lessons and did a lot of finding.   He taught me a lot.   He is one of the best missionaries.  Sadly I only got to serve with him once.  But whatevz.   That’s life.

I’m not really sure what else to tell ya.  I’m finally getting back into Little town mode again.  Being in Paris for a little while throws a missionary off.   Caen is not even that small but after serving in Paris it feels pretty dang weird.   I forget sometimes that if we want to go to a  Rendez vous  we have to catch a bus for 30 minutes instead of a 5 minute métro ride.  But none of that matters.  Being a missionary is the best.  Serving the Lord in the biggest place or the smallest place makes no difference.  My purpose is the same wherever I go. Invite others to come unto Christ!   Invite others to make changes in their  lives. Invite others to see what living the gospel can do for their family.  Invite others to come to the true church of GOD!  Simply put... to invite others to know the truth.   Knowing the truth changes everything! Life rocks.   Thanks for all that you do.  Keep doing it.   Go big or go home.   (allez grande or rentrez à la maison!)

Here’s a little quote for ya...    "If every member, young and old, will reach out to just “one” between now and Christmas, millions will feel the love of the Lord Jesus Christ.  What a wonderful gift to the Savior."  E. Ballard.    Give the Lord the best gift for Christmas !   We are getting so close!   BYE.  

Love Elder Adams

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