Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Tuesday June 12th

Bonjour famille and other gents!

The MTC is the best! I have finally settled in and accepted whole heartedly that the hour of my mission has come.  I have been preparing for this time in my life, for my entire life, and I’ m so glad to finally say it has come!  I am serving a mission because the Lord loves me and relies on me to share his message with the people of FRANCE, PARIS.  My district is so legit. Elder Lavering (comp), Walton, Hatch, Smith, and Gardner are some of the coolest peeps I have ever met.  And sister Horn, Weller, and Searle are legitimate as well. We all get along so well, I feel like I have known these Elders my whole life. District 46 H definitely brings the swag.

My French is still a little rusty (actually a lot rusty) but everyday here I am continuing to try my “heart-est.”  I hope and pray continually for the gift of tongues but I know that will never happen until I have done my part. Learning French is definitely the hardest thing I have ever been asked to do but with the Lord on my side anything and everything is possible. The food here wasn’t to bad at first but it is progressively getting worse.  My stomach makes noises like all day (food be straight killin my stomach) and I’m pretty sure I have gained like 5 pounds.  This is not GOOD.   To try to loose this extra weight I have been playing hardcore ball during my GYM time haha. By hardcore I mean I play everyday with 4 Division One ballers. They will al be playing after their mission at UNLV, Boise State, Weber State, and Utah.  Me and the Elder K (UNLV) have gotten to be good friends.  He is seriously one of the best ballers I’ve ever seen and played against in my life. He is going to Paris as well so I’m sure we will stay tight. I would be lying if I said I was even close to as good as they are, but Willard (me) reps hard out there.  Okay I’ll stop bragging, back to the real world.

That is so awesome that you guys are going to Florida!  That sounds like a lot better vacation this  Jail I be living in haha just kidding (not really). And yes mom Poppa Tom has kept his word like Poppa Tom always does and has been sending me Tommy’s letters. They’re really fun to read. His letter two weeks ago might have given me too much credit haha, don’t believe it people. I can’t wait till HDF (Hadley Doyle Faught) comes to the MTC.  Like I know zero people here. Waking up has actually not been that hard (surprisingly). I have finally gotten used to the horrible habit of the early bird lifestyle (see what I did there). Umm and to answer you last question I get a $6 dollar allowance each week. Not a whole lot. Oh, and thank you so much for the money you snuck into my pockets!  I have the best Parents dans la monde (world)!  Thanks for being awesome!

This week I got the opportunity to here Elder Holland’s talk from years ago at the MTC titled, "Missions are Forever."  Please go and watch this;   people who have served, want to serve, or are about to serve a mission. It is the most powerful thing I have ever heard.   This talk alone has changed my life forever. Quick part of what he said because I am out of time- The mission will be the hardest time of your life but also the most rewarding.  Don’t serve a mission if you are not going to give everything you have to the Lord.  We need to be our first convert!  I can’t teach someone else that the Book of Mormon is true if I myself do not know it yet.  My every word thought and deed need to be about God and his Kingdom for these next two years if I want to be an excellent missionary. I love when he banged the pulpit and said, "get pumped up to be a missionary!"  HAHA he gives a mean pep talk, and the last quote I loved from this talk was "Why is being a missionary hard?  It’s hard because salvation is not a cheap experience."  Such a life Changer!

I LOVE you all and I’m so grateful for the roles you've played in my life. Stay awesome!

Hugs and Kisses XOXO

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