Tuesday, March 5, 2013

E-mail 2-18-13

Hello. This week was a real treat like always. Miracles are everyyywherreee. It just took me 19 years to open my eyes to figure it out!  This last Wednesday was a day of nothing but finding!  From 10am to 9 at night. (with little meals in between bien sur)   And the Lyon mission joined us as well!  That means that close to 400 missionaries were out and about for 11 hours all day Wednesday throughout all of France, half of Belgium and Luxembourg.  What a sight that would’ve been from above!   #powerfull.   Oh and each companionships prayed every thirty minutes so that we would know where to be lead and what to say.  We had the specific assignment to pray for all of the other 400 missionaries.  Prayer is so powerful!   I could literally feel all of the other missionaries prayers for me and Elder Schultz and it really motivated and pushed us to work harder then we ever have before. We knocked and we knocked on doors and almost nobody was home!  I don’t know why everybody decided to not be home #annoying but that’s okay... we kept knocking anyway.  About the third person that actually opened the door was interested!   We gave her a Book of Mormon, testified about what it can do to a person’s life, set up a return RDV and got out of there.  Short and sweet.  Our first miracle came so quickly!   I remember after walking out of the ladies door me and Schultz looked at each other with huge smiles and we quickly gave thanks to the Lord for allowing us to help his lost sheep!   Angels were with us!   And right after that quick prayer we just kept a knocking.   For the rest of the day (6 hours)  we got in no doors!   Normally when that happens Elder Adams gets grumpy and wants to fight the Frenchies but the spirit of the Lord wouldn’t let me.  I just smiled and kept on frappin them portes.  That was the second miracle.   Nobody was interested but nobody was getting us down!   We know that what we are doing is true and it needs to be done.  And the Lord wants it done his way... with a good attitude and on his time table!   The Lord was just leading us to those who were not ready so that we could greaten our chances of finding those who are ready! Such a good Wednesday!   Inoubliable! 

Oh yeah and transfer news... Elder Schultz will be leaving to La Rochelle and I will be staying in good ole St Brieuc.  Gonna miss him but that’s okay.  He will do work là bas. He is a stud missionary.  I will be training this next transfer!   I get to pick up my new colleague Wednesday morning!   That will be a good time.   All I hear is how hard training is but I can’t wait to do it!   Hard things are the best. And I will continue as the district leader.  Another awesome calling.  Life can’t get much better then right now.  Life is gonna get a little more difficult that’s for sure but I’m excited for whatever lies ahead.  Life rocks!  Have a good week.  Oh yeah and I got to go to the beach yesterday with my Branch President.  I will be sure to send pics.   It was super cool.  Oh wait I’m not done yet.  One more paragraph.

Elder Adams can drive a stick shift now!  Well kinda. I have almost killed us about 10 times but our Father in Heaven is watching us closely (very very closely).   Saturday morning me and Elder Schultz took a 2.5 hour bus to Vannes to pick up the car from the Elders over there.   Elder Price gave me a 10 minutes lesson and then he left!   I had to figure out how to drive the car  2.5 hours all the way back to St Brieuc.   That was fun. Driving a stick is sooooo hard.  I’m getting better though.   The Branch President gave me a little instruction yesterday.   Well with that said... pray for Elder Adams to drive better!   Bon semaine!

Oh and I’m not sure what to tell you about the Pope.  Peepz were shocked.   That’s  all I know.   C'est pas grave. 

Elder Adamz 

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