Tuesday, March 5, 2013

E-Mail 2-25-13

Yellow!  How are you? Hope yallz week was good. Mine was a real treat... like always. Life is always good on the mish. Not sure I have had a bad week yet. (but bad days... they happen haha). My new colleague is legit. His name is Elder Davis from Washington state. He lives in a place called snohomish just north of Seattle I believe. It’s actually the same place that Elder Lavering is from (my comp in the MTC) and they know each other a little. Small world ehh. Not sure where he went to school. A community college where he played baseball I think he said. I could ask him which college because he’s sitting right next to me but I don’t wanna bother him. The first time you can email your family from France is kinda a big deal!   So I’ll just let him do his thing.  Its always nice to have a comp who understands the necessity of sports in life eh!  I hate baseball but I can forgive him for that.  And no Elder Davis is a 19 year old missionary. I didn’t quite luck out with getting one of them new 18 year olds. C'est la vie.  Life as a trainer is a little bit different but not really because Elder Davis already knows his stuff. He is definitely way farther  ahead than I was when I entered the wonderful world as a missionary in France.  Kids got game. 

I’m glad to hear your excited about me driving in France haha. I have gotten a lot better though. Thanks for your prayers. I have only killed the car once since Elder Davis has been here!  He has been some good luck. We drive on the same side of the road here as in America so that’s not too weird. The only problem is that when I can’t completely understand what the signs are telling me haha.  I pretty much got them all down now so don’t worry. The roads here are a lot more narrow so that takes a little getting used to. Everything is smaller here in France.  EVERYTHING (cars, roads, people, food portions, clothes, number of members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.... haha I could go on forever... but of course I still LOVE it).  Back to driving.  I can’t remember the name of the car but it is very nice. I’m sure it would work a lot better if it was an automatique mais c'est la vie.  Gas here is about 6 dollars a gallon haha, how much is gas in good ole America these days?  Probably not that high ehh.  Pay a little extra tithing in the future... the France Paris mission could use it haha.  And to answer your last question... I’m not sure how many miles we can drive... but we get 1000 kilometers every two weeks I think it is?  Not really sure. I’m still a rookie with la voiture.

That’s pretty crazy that they’re making 58 more missions in 23 countries. Hopefully nothing happens to the mission here!  I’m guessing we would’ve heard by now if something was going down. That’s sweet that y’all had a special broadcast from Salt Lake City.  C'est dommage que Raegen and Greyson were with you... so hard to learn with little ones everywhere (happens to me all the time here... kids love me... even if I can’t speak their language very well haha). Oh yeah and Whitney is having a baby in like 14 days. That’s pretty neat!  Thats gonna be one dang good lookin kid.  Just sayin.  Well I think that’s all from France. Sorry I didn’t add any spiritual experiences. Next week! Bon semaine.  Que Dieu vous benisse!  Au revoir.


Elder Adams

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