Monday, March 11, 2013

Email 3-11-13 Elder Adams is an Uncle!

Hello. That’s one good looking baby. Glad to hear the little miracle is finally here. Bout time! He’s a real looker too. That super hero pic is way legit. I love the one of Whitney trying her hardest to smile as well haha Ii don’t blame her though. Having a baby doesn’t sound like it would feel all too good. That’s why moms are the best (they give birth so us dudes don’t have too :)  jkjkjk) and the other 400 bajillion other sacrifices they make. Love you momma.  You da best. Stay awesome. I bet your loving teaching and helping Whit with all the mother thing ya’ll do. I know how you are with Raegen and Greyson so I’m sure he will be real spoiled as well. (like i was... bien sur)  Life as a child is the best. Sucks growing up! 

Feels real nice to be an uncle again! I feel old. Its crazy how fast the family is growing. Its crazy how fast time flies as a human... especially as a missionary. He looks like a real stud!   Kid is gonna be a boss I can already see it.  What a blessing that little boy has to be born into the church! He’s gonna have a real good life.  Cody and Whit are a couple of studs.  Il est un garçon avec beaucoup de chance!  Just like me. Whitney will be one good momma... because she has had the best example of a mother to teach her! Lucky.  Same with me and Garrett when that day of fatherhood comes (your a pretty hawt example yourself pops!)

Good to hear that Tiger is back on Track #1fan. And sounds like Jimmer is doing work regardless of his  idiot coach. Cut the kid a break. #PutTheWhitBoyInDude. Love him. Oh yeah... do you remember that huge guy, Chris Miles, that played for BYU when Jimmer was like a rookie or so? I do. And I forgot to tell you that he lived here in St Brieuc for the last 5 months or so. I never got to meet him because he moved out the day before I moved in. The missionaries taught with him a lot and they went to one of his pro games. Bummer I missed out. But that’s alright. #LifeGoesOn. Everyone in the ward loved him and his wife too. They are always talking about him. They moved back to the USA because his wife was having a baby and they spoke zero French. #FrenchRocks

Enough of that nonsense. About the week. Well it wasn’t the best. But tha’ts alright! Its when times get tough that the lord has things to teach us. And that’s just what happened. I learned a lot. I learned that the scriptures are there to comfort us and to "uncomfort" us! They are obviously there to give us joy, peace, knowledge, and to teach us of that essential purpose here on the big round earth BUT it never really hit that they are there to scare me a little... to let me know that there is more I can be doing!   #AlwaysMoreToDoY’all!   Heavenly Father doesn’t want us to get to comfortable... so he randomly threw passages all throughout the scriptures to humble us and let us know that we are not that super hero that we all think we are sometimes!  I’m not saying we can’t all be superheroes  #YouCan... but sometimes he wants us to step down from our little pedestal and really think things through. Really ponder why we are here and what’s going to bring us real joy. Helping ourselves is not nearly as important as helping others! We need to work hard to answer our own prayers... BUT WE NEED TO WORK HARDER TO ANSWER OTHERS PRAYERS!   "Lose yourself and you will find yourself."   Truest statement ever said!   Life is about preparing to meet God (Alma 34:32) and we don’t do that by simply preparing ourselves... and ourselves only.   We help to prepare ourselves by preparing others!  People rock! Loving people and helping people isn’t always the most convenient in our little human lives.... but it is where we will find the most joy!   And who wants to live a life not full of joy?   #NotMeNotAnyone. There’s my little sermon. Don’t forget it! Go big or go home.

Scrip of the week - (I’m trying to memorize one every week in French... spelling and all... pray for me haha) #PracticePracticePractice

 "Car ce n'est pas un esprit de timidité que Dieu nous a donné... mais un esprit de la force, d'amour, et de sagesse."    2 Corinthians 1:7

Bises. Bon Semaine. Je vous aime.

Elder Adamz

PS  Oh yeah. And it is so COLDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD. Coldest day of the mish right now. Almost froze on our way hear. Look up the temp?

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