Tuesday, March 5, 2013

E-mail 3-4-13

Yo. Sounds like a good week back home. Lots is goin on. That’s cool that Cameron is going to the Philippines!  Is that the same mish as Ryne Wood?   Probably not but that would be cool. There are like a gazillion missions over there I think. That’s neat that Whitney’s  littlle bébé will be here soon!  Try not to spoil him too much.  Pretty crazy that both of my sisters have kids. Maybe Garrett will add to that before I get back?  Haha probably not unless he gets to work fast.

Oh yeah I forgot about the post cards I sent. Brother Banks is a member in our ward. Every time we go there he makes us send post cards. He is probably the most legit person I have ever met in my life.  The man really knows how to live!  He is hilarious, very hard working, and loves helping the missionaries!  My goal in life is to be like him when I’m 70. He can barely walk (played rugby his whole life) but he still serves the Lord and has fun doing it. He’s an Englishman living in France. His French is legit (Not the best but he tries his hardest).  The island thing was a joke.  He collects post cards so he just picks random ones for us.  I have no idea where it’s actually at. Look it up?

Well this week was awesome like always. Little miracles happen every week. The Lord is always blessing us!  The blind man I used to always talk about kinda fell off the face of the planet.  I think something happened with his family (not sure they like us) and they think we are taking advantage of him or something (my guess... he is blind so i can see where there coming from) so we kinda left him alone for a while. I tried calling him for weeks but finally gave up.  We decided yesterday that we would go knock on his door for the last time to make sure that we at least give him one last chance before we let him go forever haha.  He actually answered!  We had an amazing RDV with him. The spirit was there. So hopefully we can get him back on the straight and narrow!  We have another RDV with him this week. 

We have also found a new ami named  JP who lives in a villa not to far from St Brieuc. Jean Pierre is way to legit. He is from Congo, Africa.  We have been teaching him for a couple of weeks now. T he spirit is always so strong every time we visit with him. We have just finished teaching the plan of salvation. He was lovin it!  At the end we talked a lot about baptism. He said he will be baptized when he knows what we are telling him is true.  I can’t wait till the spirit tells him!   Just a matter of days I believe.  The man is a spiritual giant.  He says he believes that L'église de Jésus-Christ des Saint des Derniers Jours is the true church because of the way we (the missionaries) live our lives (i may or may not have blushed a little) haha.  He said that we wouldn’t have left our families and our country to come all the way to France if our message wasn’t true. He got it right ehh!  Smart man.  We just have  to get him to the church!!  We will this next Sunday.   Oh and he loves the Book of Mormon. GOLDEN. 

Life is the best. Every week I learn so much. This week I learned a lot about the importance of being overwhelmed or nervous sometimes (Elder Adams never was the best at controlling his nerves). I have felt this way many times on my mission. Mais c'est bon!  Its time likes these that the Lord is letting me know he is my rock!   He will always be there for me if I am humble and worthy of his aide.   So it shouldn’t be surprising that sometimes I feel that missionary work is soooo hard.  The thought that "I’m not sure I can do it"  is actually proof that I understand the significance of being a priesthood holder... or being a servant of the Lord. Its proof that I know I can’t do it alone!  My call and responsibility are to hard and to important to be doing it all by myself!   That’s why the Lord gives us companions and that’s why he gives us all the silly rules... so that he can help us!  Its amazing the things you can learn on a mission. Things I know I would never learn elsewhere. Thanks for yalls examples!   #ForeverGratefull. L'église est vrai. N'oubliez pas d'accord! Bon semaine. Je t'aime. 


Elder Adamz

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