Tuesday, September 3, 2013

E-mail 8-19-13

Hi! Sorry I can’t send any photos this week, I totally forgot my camera this morning. Forgive me? Like I didn’t mean it. I will try my heart-est next week. I have taken some pretty neat photos so I will work on sending some to you. Thanks for sending me a package! Can’t wait to get it. You always got something clever in them liberal boxz. So pumped that my bro is getting hitched!  What a stud. I want to know the whole story and whatnot. I’m sure it was real neat. Send me some photos of it. I’m sure its all over facebook #BreakingNewz.  Kid always was smooth with the ladies. Tell that fool to send me an email. Haven’t heard from his lazy butt in years. Like seriously... I think its been a year haha. The kid has time to drive across the country 2 times but he can’t write a 5 minute email?   Even if he’s too busy planning for a wedding that’s not excuse haha.  That’s crazy that school starts in one week!  I bet you’re super excited haha.  Are there even any cool students left in that liberal school these days?  I’m pretty sure Ryan is like the only one eh? Oh and let me know if you want anything from Paris?  I could easily send you some stuff.  You’re always sending me stuff so let me know. You know I gotcha!
So this week was pretty awesome. A man that we found my first day here in Paris is all ready wanting to be baptized!  We set a date for him the first day of September!  He is such a boss. He is from Cameroon, Africa.  He came to church yesterday and he loved it.  He didn’t want to leave. It amazes me each and everyday how many people are out there ready to join the true church of God. It’s pretty crazy that there are like 80 thousand missionaries serving the Lord right now... but that’s not even close to enough. Pretty sure all 80 thousand of those missionaries could be here in Paris and we still wouldn’t have enough haha. The Lord prepares people... lots of times it takes years to do it..... but then again he can prepare them lightening fast as well!  Just like our new homie.  He has only known the church for two weeks and he is solid. That’s what happens when people hear the truth... and then they feel it!  I am so glad to have the truth and to be able to share it with others. And above that I am so grateful to be able to FEEL the truth and help others FEEL it!  The Holy Ghost is real!  Anyone who wants to know a simple truth can know it!  They just need to pray, work hard, and listen with their heart.
Church is so true!  Missions change lives. Everyday I thank my Father in Heaven for the opportunity he has given me to leave the good ole US of A ... so that I can be here saving lives in France! This really is the promised land. God calls missionaries and he calls where he needs them. He tells me each and everyday why he sent me here. I know God answers prayers and he answers them in his own time. Sometimes he doesn’t always give us a direct answer though. That’s a GOOD THING!  When he doesn’t that means he trusts us!  He trusts that we will make the right decision. He knows that we are capable of doing big things on our  And above all he loves us so much that he sent us all cute little families. I have the best family ever!  Thanks for that. Leaving the family behind is never easy but it’s a whole lot easier when you are able to help other families find the gospel and help them have the same blessings your family has. Thanks for everything.  LOVE YOU!  Have a good week. BISOUS!  Sorry this letter is pretty boring. I’ll do better next week!
own. But in reality we are never completely alone. He trusts us so much that he sends us soft whisperings instead of huge visions and signs!
Love Elder Adamz

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