Sunday, September 22, 2013

E-mail 9-2-13

Hi family.  Glad you got to see my cute face on Face Book again. Sister Poz is always hookin you up with my photos haha.  She lovez me. Glad you like my cute lil Euro suit haha. Thanks for buying that for me.  Yes, it was super nice not to have to travel 5 hours to go to Zone meeting. Only 20 minutes this time!  Paris really is the Promised Land.  It was a super good zone conference too.It was nice to see everyone in our zone and help give them a little boost. Hopefully your first week of school went by well.  Sounds like you got yourself some good students.  Have a good day off today. I’m sure you will sleep in till noon like back in the good ole days. That was the life . That’s crazy that the family is spread out into three different continents.  Hopefully dad is tearing it up in China. I hear he’s got a lot to do. I’ll be praying for him. And yeah I guess you could say Vegas and Paris have a lot in common. Lots of dirty things go on. Mostly at night though... so I couldn’t really tell ya everything. I’m always in the house before all the wickedness starts. Good to hear that BYU already lost haha. I never really was a fan of BYU football.  They always let peeps down.  The basketball team is way better. College bball is where it’s at.
So lots of crazy stuff happened this last week.  First off... I will be attending a meeting with our homeboy Mitt Romney in about 9 days I believe. He is coming to speak to the Young Single Adults here in Paris... so we, with some of our investigators will be attending!  Pretty pumped about that. I wonder if he’s a spiritual giant?  On verra. I will let you know!  Very few people are being invited so hopefully I will get to speak with him. That would be a real treat!  And just yesterday our mission hit its goal of One Hundred Baptisms!!!!  A goal that we have been working on for 3 months!  Easily the biggest miracle this mission has ever seen.  So normally in one month we average about 20 or so baptisms... but this August we baptized 52 people!  It’s been crazy to see how fast the Lords work is progressing here in France. It’s so fun to be apart of it. Everyday is the best. And for our goal of 100 baptisms... we still have two weeks left!  We are going to obliterate this goal. This next weekend we should be adding two more people!  Our two investigators have decided to get baptized!! It has been a huge answer to prayer. This transfer we have contacted hundreds, maybe even thousands of people... and the very first one of those many contacts was P! He has only known the church for like 4 weeks now.  He has progressed so fast. The ward really loves him as well. Its so fun to see people discover the gospel!!!  And C is way legit as well. He has been around for about a year. His only problem was coming to church.  But now he has been coming. This next Sunday is going to be legit. Here in Paris just two weeks ago there were 4 baptisms... and this week we are planning on 4 or 5 more!  So CRAZZZZY.  People are so ready for the gospel in France. Church is so true.
Not sure what else to say. This last week was one of the best of my mission statistically wise. We taught 18 lessons and found like 5 new amis.  Some crazy good numbers for the mish. Not that numbers matter though. It’s all about baptisms! So I’ll share a quick story. We found a new guy named A from some little tiny island. He was interested and wanted to speak with us. We shared the restoration one lesson and then asked him to pray. Next lesson he told us that he felt something the night before when he prayed!   answers prayers. I already knew that but it was cool to help this little man know it as well. And he also came to church on Sunday!  The guy has got a bright future.  Well I hope ya’ll have a good week.  Thanks for being awesome. Que Dieu vous bénisse!



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