Thursday, September 19, 2013

E-mail 8-26-13 & Pictures

Hi mother.  I did get the package. Thanks so much! That is so crazy that school is starting today. Is Ryan taking your class again this year?   Kid is a stud. I’m surprised that Garrett is waiting that long. I thought they would be married way quicker then that haha.  Hope that goes well for them.  Mariah sent me a nice little email. Love her already. She’s legit. That stinks Garrett has college starting up again too. So glad I don’t have to do that whole school thing. Like serving a mission is way easier lol just kidding!

So on the realz... this week was super hard!  So many things going on and not a whole lot of success. The whole entire week all of our investigators were fruging us. They were to busy. And all of our finding efforts were not to successful.  It was a very humbling first six days. But then Sunday came! After the storm comes the sunshine ya all!  After lots of prayer and lots of pleading for help the Lord came to our side. He was showering them liberal blessings upon us. So we have two baptismal dates at this moment and they both came to church. And they loved it!  They both really felt the spirit. That was one BIG blessing.  Another neat one... so out of nowhere at the end of Sacrament Meeting I went around shaking hands and saying hi to everyone and in the very back of the chapel I noticed a woman that seemed familiar. I wasn’t sure where she was from but I knew I knew her. And she knew she knew me but she wasn’t sure how. haha awkward.  So turns out after a little reflecting.... when I was a greeny in Charleroi I taught her!  Then she moved to the south of France!  I remember I was sad when she had to leave. And while she was down there... she got baptized!!!   So legit. She really helped to make my crappy week a little bit better haha.  Love when that happens!  And I’m not sure if I told you this either... while I was in Charleroi we had zero baptisms.  BUT... 4 people that we found and taught when I was there have recently been baptized!   So cool to see good things happening down there. The Lord works in magical ways. 
So about Sunday again. So another companionship here in Paris had a baptism and we took one of our amis.  He loved it!  He is pretty excited for his baptism now. Hopefully next week when I talk to you I will have a photo of his baptism. Or maybe in two weeks. We will just have to see. And another miracle about Sunday. So all week we were not able to find any new amis.  BUT after working for hours and hours Sunday night the Lord blessed us with 2 new ones! They are super legit as well. Both Muslim but they have a lot of hope. We will have to see how they progress.  So in short... this week I learned the importance of patience.  If we endure patiently... if we work our tail off... if we pray extra hard...  and if we have a good time doing it... the Lord will always be there to shower them liberal blessings upon us!  Hrd work and faith always pay off.  Alwayssss!
So to answer some of your questions. We take trains and metros every single day. They take us everywhere... wherever we need to go for 110 Euros a month. Not a bad price. We do pretty much our own cooking.  Lots of the members live far away so its a little difficult to eat with them.  And we have to eat out a  lot because we are always so far from the house teaching lessons and have no time to go back... sorry for spending so much money.  So hard when you live in the most expensive place in the world. I’ll keep working on that. The people are super legit. They are always super busy but we love them anyways. The stores are really legit. Very expensive but that’s okay... I’m a rich missionary lol. Hope you like the pics. Sorry that took so long. Have a good week! Love yall!  Stay awesome!

Miles being Miles with Elder Glover
Arc de Trumph with "my father in the mission"

Chilling in the Paris Ghetto. SCARY
Sacré Couer

View from Sacré Couer. Not bad   

Dream Cars

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