Monday, September 2, 2013

E-mail 8-12-13

HI family! I can't believe school is about to start already. Time flies. Take advantage of your last couple weeks. That’s super legit that Angie got married. I bet that was a good time. I’m sure there were a ton of people as well. Two locals = beaucoup des gens quoi. Pretty crazy that Jacob Evans is already going on his mission. I’m sure he will be a boss
I can’t believe I’m in PARIS! So many crazy things happen here everyday. I couldn’t even begin to explain all of the things that have happened these first four days here. But ill try.So my new comp is Elder Glover. He is super legit. He is from Utah. Big into sports and all that so we have plenty of things in common. And yes we are the zone leaders here. There are 4 zones here in PARIS.... our zone is the North. And no the mission home is not very close. It’s on the other side of Paris. It’s actually in Versailles.... a suburb outside of Paris I guess you would say. And yes I got my package from Whitney. Tell her thanks! And what’s happened to Tristin? I emailed her a couple of times and heard nothing back. Did she really forget me already?  Tell that rich jerk to hook a brother up with a package haha and sends some pictures of Raegan and Greyson. It’s been too long.
So our area covers downtown PARIS. Which means that often we get to work in the Visitor Center for the church here in Paris.  So while we were working there was an American who ran inside and said he needed the bathroom. (There are always Americans that come into see the center... all Utahans). So he used it. While he was in there his wife came in and sat down without saying a word. She just kinda chilled. While she was just sitting there I kinda stared at her because I knew I had seen her somewhere. So I started a little convo but got nowhere. I figured my mind was playing tricks on me. So then the Man came out of the bathroom and I instantly recognized him as well but i wasn’t sure where from. So without saying much of anything the two headed for the door to leave. But just before letting them go I stopped them and said Ii knew them from somewhere. I said "Ii wrote about you in my journal I think..."  hahaha they both just laughed and said "hmm that’s weird."  Then finally it hit me!  It was Elder Allen. He spoke twice while Ii was at the MTC. He is the man the highest up in the missionary department for the church. He works with the prophet all the time. Sooo funny! So turns out that he has seen a ton of missionaries on his little trip here in France and I’m the first one to have recognized him.  #WINNER.   He was pretty impressed. I think he is doing like an undercover mission visit thing. Pretty weird haha.
So this week we had mission council again.  Always a good time.  The new Theme for this transfer is "following the spirit." Pretty important for missionary work I guess haha. We will be dispersing this message tomorrow to our zone. Should be a good time. We have got a lot of preparing to do though. Oh and during my first four days here we were able to fix 2 baptismal dates!  Pretty pumped. And the Lord blessed us with the opportunity to find many new amis. So crazy to see how many miracles the Lord has blessed me with during my mission. Oh and I think I already told you but we set the goal as a mission to baptize 100 people before Elder Oaks comes in September. We are at 75 or so!  We are so close!  Can’t wait to hit our goal. Missions are the best. So glad to be serving the Lord. There is no where else I would rather be.  The Church is true and it just keeps getting more true!  Don’t you ever forget it. Have a good week. I’ll be thinking of you while I’m climbing the Eiffel Tower! LuvZ!

Elder Adams

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