Friday, July 26, 2013

E-Mail June 17, 2013

Sounds like you’ve had quite an exciting week.  How’s life with no school? I bet yer livin the dream.  Good!  You deserve it.  Sounds like everyone and there mom have been getting there mission calls lately.  Logan, Baylee, and Jacob.  Way to legit.    Tell them all congrats. They are gonna be a bunch of bosses.  Pretty crazy how many missionaries are serving from good ole’ Fallon right now.  I’m glad Soeur P.  posted some photos of the conference. It was a real treat!  I’ll talk about that latter. Sorry I’m not very photogenic... I’ll work on that.  You’re welcome for all the lovely photos ;)  I’m not gonna lie I’d have to agree w ith you mother... my backside is pretty good lookin. Thanks for that. 

This last week was sick!  Elder Ballard came and talked to us for 2.5 hours!  And he also came with some  a Members of the Seventy... Teixiera and Caussé.  Way to leg it. The train ride that left at 5 am to Paris was definitely worth it.  So much spirit!!  We didn’t really eat all day but we got spiritually fed well enough it didn’t matter haha.  Oh yeah so while we were getting on the train in Paris I realized I had left my bag behind... but it was too late by the time I got on the train.  So my bag got left in the train station with 6999797756 billiion peepz.  With lots of prayer and fasting... someone actually turned the bag in!!!!  That never happens  in Paris. Such a blessinggggg. #Blessed.  I had my camera and lots of other things in it.  I’m still trying to figure out how I can get it back though.  We will see.  Back to the conference.  It was so good.  Causée gave an awesome talk on how we must believe we can baptize.  He was born into the church here in France (never happens) and he said he has literally seen hundreds of baptisms here. He pumped us up for baptizing.  Then Texiera gave an awesome talk on how we must work with the members.  He got it right.  We have really been working on that here in the mish. President has really been pushing us to teach with members and to involve them in all we do.  SO IMPORTANT.   Not easy but important. We have been teaching much more with members.  We have seen the blessings that come from it.  Teach with the 
missionaries please.   And finally BALLARD talked.  His talk was legit. He talked a lot about Preach My Gospel and how it was written by Christ himself.  That hit me pretty hard.  I will definitely be studying that book more.  And Ballard is like the father of PMG so he really nailed us on preach my gospel stuff.  He told our group of missionaries that we are the most obedient group he has ever seen.  #Compliment haha.  I’m sure he always says that but whatevs, we let it soak in.  I got to shake his hand.  All he said was, "Hi, Elder Adams."  Pretty lame but better then nothing haha je blague.  When he came in we were singing some French hymns.  It was pretty neat.  One of the most spiritual days of my mish.  One quote... "You have to be sound asleep to not notice that the conditions we are in... are the last days!"   SOOO TRUE.

So this last week we found many more new amis.  This place is seriously the dream land. I am in love with Strasbourg . I hope I never leave.  Elder Webber is such a boss.  Kid is an amazing missionary.  He has taught me so much.  Love the kid.  This is the last week of the transfer.  I hope we stay together for two!  We will see. I will have to let you know next Monday!  Have a good week. Sorry this letter is lame. I will write a better one next week. Stay awesome. Que Dieu vous bénisssse.


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