Friday, July 26, 2013

E-mail June 24, 2013

Sweet picture huh?  haha.  This is all I’ve got time for this week. Baptism went well. Blessing (her name) is a boss.  She will do big things.  It was fun to put the white on for the first time. Hopefully it’s the last time though... it’s so much better when the members do it!   

So I will be getting a new comp this week here in Strasbourg.  Elder Webber is going back to Paris to train a new missionary.  I will be training a new zone leader.  I will let you know his name next week. I am pretty sad that Elder Webber has to leave.  He is such a boss. The kid has taught me sooooo much.  I have grown a lot this transfer spiritually and physically (pretty sure I have gained about 15 pounds haha).  I’m excited to see what the future holds here in Strasbourg.  I know there are many more baptisms out there to catch!  I will be going to Paris two times this week.  That means I will be riding trains for about 10 hours (and spending about 1000 dollars of tithing haha). Not to excited for that but I will live.  Glad to here all is well back west. I was also glad to here that Lebron won. The French were pretty sad that their boy Tony Parker didn’t bring it home but tha’ts okay.... I’ll turn that Frenchy frown upside down with the gospel.  Have a good week.  I love you!!!   I will try to find time for writing letters soon. Sooo hardddd!
Elder Adamz

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