Friday, July 26, 2013

E-Mail July 1, 2013

Hi mother. Good to hear you didn’t loose any students this year. I bet that was on your mind the whole time haha. How many national champions did you rasie this year? haha. Thanks for sending the garments. I’ll be lookin for them. Oh and Whitney said she sent a package like three weeks ago. I haven’t seen it.  My guess is that she just lied but just ask her for me ehh. Thanks. Glad you finally like some of those photos Senourr P. takes for facebook.  Smiled just for you. That sucks its been super hot. Luckily here in the Burg its been very nice. It’s been raining a lot. Hopefully all that heat stays over there.

So I will start off by saying God DOES answer prayers. And he answers them well haha. These last couple of transfers my French has kinda stayed still... I wasn’t improving like I needed to be. I have been praying and praying for help. And how did he answer... he sent three Frenchies to Strasbourg!  My new comp is French and so are the two new Elders that moved into the apartment. What a blessing!  It has only been five days and I already feel like I’m fluent.  I can’t even imagine after a whole transfer, or two or three.  All day everyday everything we do is in French. It has been fun.  Luckily my comp speaks pretty good English so if I really need to explain something in English he understand just fine.  My comp is from the South of France. From Marseille.  It’s the second biggest town in French after Paris.  Right on the ocean.   Pretty neat. The other two Frenchies are from Bordeaux.  My comps name is Elder Dussere.  He is in his 8th transfer,  just one below me. 

This week we had mission council. It was legit.  The new focus for the mission is LOVE.  Love in our companionships and in all we do.  LOVE conquers all! The quote for the Strasbourg zone this transfer is "Love requires ACTION.  Jesus didn’t just talk about love,  he SHOWED it." We thought that was pretty clever.  Tomorrow all of the zone is coming to Strasbourg so we can train them on the new direction of the mission.  Should be a good time.  We got lots of good stuff prepared for them. 

Not sure what else I could tell ya.  This week was legit. We had so much to do so we had very little time for finding.  One day we had 5 minutes. We decided for these five minutes we would pray, then knock on five doors.  The third one let us right in!  #NeverHappens.  We will have to see what happens there.  Super nice lady.  Miracles are everywhere if we but look for them. Sorry if my English continues to get worse and worse haha.  That’s a good thing though.  Living with three Frenchies is crazy. Keep me in your prayers please haha. Thanks for all you do! Have a good week. Don’t die of heat.  BYE!

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