Monday, October 8, 2012



Sounds like all is well out there in that big cold world! Ca ces schouette! Y’all deserve it! What a week it has been. Conference was a real eye opener and life changer. We were able to watch conference at our church along with other Elders who came from towns that did not have it. Me and my comp were in charge of making sure that the projector and internet were working before each session so people could watch conference. Thankfully all went smoothly. We were in charge of watching the building all day to between each session because all of the Bishopric wereout of town. It kinda stunk but whatever. On Sunday we showed up at the church at nine and didn’t get home till nine. And we forgot to bring food. Worst decision ever. #Starving. Wasn’t conference so amazing? I can remember no conference as influential as this one in my life. EVERY single talk related to something I needed and have been contemplating. The Lord was truly answering my prayers right before my eyes! I could go on for days about the things I learned but I’ll try to stick to a couple of talks.

Of course because I am currently a missionary I loved Elder Nelson’s talk. It was powerfulllll. "Ask the missionaries, they can help you!" Sooo true. I wish all the people here in Belgium heard that one single sentence! haha. We are trying desperately to get into doors and to have the opportunity to share the gospel but these last couple of weeks have been rough. I wish everyone could know what we know as members. "This gospel can help us more than we can possibly imagine." Truthhhh!  Its no easy task but Ii know that if I continue to pray for those that are ready for the gospel, the Lord will send me to them and he will give me power from above so that I can turn their doubts into hope and happiness through the blessings of the gospel!  I think my favorite line from this whole talk though came from the beginning when he said "serving a mission will shape our destiny." How lucky am I! Throughout most of this conference I couldn’t help but think how truly blessed I am to be serving the Lord at this time in my life!  There are a gazillion other things Icould be doin,g but none of them are even close to the importance of serving the Lord full time. #VraitmentBenis.

Another talk I really loved was the first talk of the entire conference by Elder Cook. He really set the tone for the entire conference. I love how he started by letting all of us know how important and strong we really are as a church and as an individual. "Church members, especially our youth, have never been stronger!" I also love how he said it is the missionaries’ job to teach repentance. It is my job to preach repentance in the nicest way possible!  It’s no easy task either but people need to know that they can repent no matter what and become spiritually renewed in the process. What a blessing!!

Christ set the perfect example for us and was put to death in the process. "The death of Jesus Christ marked the beginning of Christian life, not the end!"  This work was not simply killed by killing God! Christ needs me to preach his gospel and defend his faith, no matter whatt!  Like Elder Holland, I too know "this is the work of the Almighty God" and I am so grateful to be able to share his message with the people of Belgium!!  Life really is the best. Conference really showed me how blessed I really am. All we have to do is pause and ponder once in a while and we will realize how much God blesses us each hour of every day!

"We can give people a fish and feed them for a day... or we can teach people to fish and feed them for a life time!"  Have a good week. Go fishing!  You best believe I will be.  Hopefully I catch a few! #Baptisms HAHA.  #NoJokeThough


Elder Adams


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