Wednesday, October 3, 2012

E-mail 9-24-12

Thanks for the emails. Yall are the best. Glad to hear the Raiders won and that my boi Janikowski is still a kicking machine. #LoveHim. Sounds like dad has been living the dream this last week! #HeDeservesIt. Fishing is the best. Hopefully after my mission I might learn how to do it haha. Oh ya I learned how to say fly fishing in French this week... Pécher à la mouche. Pretty leggit eh? Surprisingly it is pretty popular around here. I see quite a few people fishing every week. And yes mother there are lots of drug dealers here haha. If it was up to me we would avoid them but its kind of hard when we just knock on random peoples door ya know. #NothingICanDoAboutIt. We are teaching some great families.  They are by far the nicest people I have met so far but they still haven’t seen the Big Picture yet. SOOON!

This last week has been a crazy one. On Tuesday we had zone conference in Brussels. It was life changing. We combined the Lille zone so there were a lot of people. And this time President, his wife, and the AP's were there. The whole meeting was centered on the atonement and the importance of it in missionary work. And also we learned a lot about having a good attitude. President gave an awesome talk on the example of Nephi and Sam compared to there wicked brothers Laman and Lemuel. They all made it to the promised land, but Naphi and Sam did it with a good attitude! Pretty much I learned that this life is wayyyyyyy hard but people make it wayyyyyy harder than it needs to be! Nephi and Sam have set an AMAZING example for moi. My family has set a CLOSE to perfect example for moi. And Jesus set the PERFECT example for moi. Now I just have to try my HARDEST to follow all of these examples in my life! I won’t be perfect but with the Atonement of Jesus Christ it is POSSIBLE! Nephi and Sam didn’t complain but rather they forgot about themselves! There is so much to be learned from this sweet story. We all have the chance to find the promise land after this life so why not do it the easy way! With Christ helping us along. President also emphasized where the promise land is right now in moi life and... AND ITS RIGHT HERE IN BELGIUM! AND SOON TO BE FRANCE. So pretty much to sum it up... Just try to be like NEPHI!!! Spiritually and Physically (dudes got a nice bod).

And also on Wednesday I got to go to Paris to do my legality. I am finally legal to live here! Maybe I’ll stay here forever? je blogggg. It was a really fun trip though. I got to be companions for a whole day with my man Elder Walton! He’s the best. Maybe you don’t remember but he was in my district at the MTC.  Oh and Paris is sooo crazzy. There are some craazzy peeps that be livin there. Hopefully I get to serve there one day!

Well that’s about all for this week. Actually just kidding. On Wednesday I got to have my first Rachlette meal!  It was a real nice treat.  Maybe the best thing that ever happened to my MOUTH. Rachlette is so simple but so leggit.  All it requires is meat, cheese, onions, and a HUGE potato. The cheese gets melted on a Rachlette machine along with onions and then you pour it on your potato. How did I not know about this earlier in my life?  Just when I thought I had had a potato every way possible I was wrong.  Not sure if they have rachlette cookers in America, but if they do you should buy one!

Love yall to the moon and back. And Back. And Back. And Back.

Elder A.

#OneLove #LifeRocks #BelgiumIsThePromiseLand

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