Monday, October 22, 2012

E-mail 10-15-12


This week was kinda a mess but ca va! C'est la vie! My toe was super jacked up. It finally got to the point where I couldn’t take it anymore so we took a couple of visits to the doc. The first visit the doc said it would probably take surgery to fix the thing because it was so deep but I didn’t like that idea so we went to another doc. The next one said it could be fixed without surgery; all I had to do was take some gnarly pills! He was right. Turns out it was just super infected and the nail hadn’t grown in too far. With a little digging into my foot, two large pills, prayer, and soaking my foot in some crazy medicine it was miraculously fixed! Yay. Now I can walk like a normal person. We missed a lot of proselyting time due to my stupid bug toe, so I’m glad that is finally over with.  I’ll send some pics of it. It’s pretty neat.

Conference was a bit weird. We watched the Saturday morning session here at 6 o’clock Saturday night. Then we watched the priesthood session, Saturday night, and Sunday morning session all on Sunday here. Only two of them were live feed. The other two were recorded. I still haven’t seen the Sunday afternoon session. Pretty excited for the Liahona magazine issue to come out. The church is a five minute walk from our house #Blessings. Transfer notices come on Saturday. I am pretty sure I will be staying here. I hope so anyway. I love it here. The people are awesome. And of course I love the food as well. After yesterday’s sacrament (fast and testimony meeting) meeting I’m pretty sure I could stay here in this ward forever! The spirit was soooo strong. Honestly I didn’t understand every word that was said from the pulpit (Français) but almost everyone that bore there testimony did it with humility for the lord and for the gift of his son, Jesus Christ.  Everybody was crying, sobbing, and really reflecting on the blessings they have received recently. I hope I never forget that meeting! It was a life changer.

This last week I also had the opportunity to attend the funeral of our Bishop’s mother. It was also a real spiritual builder. Once again not everything that was said from the pulpit made complete sense in my grand tete (big head) but the spirit was soooo strong. The biggest of sinners could have felt it!!  Many people attended who were not of our faith. I know they felt something. Hopefully they have questions for the missionaries! During the funeral I thought a lot about Grandma Hendrix and how her funeral would of went. I’m sure there were many tears of sadness but many more tears of joy.  Grandma is in a better place!  She is in the rest of God who gave her life. How grateful I am for the plan of salvation! I watched many people cry hysterically during the funeral. Theirs were not tears of joy because they don’t have the same knowledge we do. They don’t believe that they will ever see her again. It really is sad. But that’s why I am here in Belgium on a mission. To share with people the plan of salvation! The best plan everrrr.


Well that’s about it for the week. Oh yeah, Justin Beiber was in town last week. People were going crazy.  Including me ahhah just kidding.  Every missionary hates him, except for me of course.  Kids got a cute lil voice. I got no reason to hate. I hope ya’llz life is awesome. You deserve it. Love ya to the moon and back.

Elder Adams

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