Monday, October 22, 2012

E-mail 10-22-12

Thanks for the cute little package! By little I mean big. That thing was HUGE. Thanks for everything. I obviously loved everything but the mini Preach My Gospels are soo leggit! Do they make those things in French yet? If they do that would be a real treat! Merci. Merci. Merci. #LifeChanging. I will keep my eyes peeled for some new shoes but I think I might wait until January when they have "Solds," a huge sale they do once a year in all of Europe. I hope you’re having a good time in Utah. Tell everyone hi. Play some golf for me.

Well these last couple of days have been crazzzzy. My time is up here in Charleroi!  I received news Saturday morning that I’m moving to the City of Love!!!  I will be serving in a suburb of Paris called Chartres. My new companion will be Elder Maxwell. I do not know him or the city I will be living in so I have got a lot of learning to do ehh. Oh yeah and I have a lot of French to learn too haha. The Fran├žais here in Charleroi is a little different so it will be fun trying to learn French all over again haha. Well yesterday was pretty awesome. I gave a spiritual thought in Relief Society and in Priesthood and got to give a little talk in Sacrament meeting. It was a real good experience. My French has really been growing and expanding these last couple of weeks. More than I have ever thought possible. It’s amazing what can happen when you’re playing on the Lords side! He wants toooo and willll bless us when we play by his rules! It really is simple.
I really am gonna miss all of the people here in Charleroi. But ca va. The will of God can send me wherever and whenever and I will be happy. I was just starting to get to know everyone better here when the Lord decided to move me haha. The "quiet dinner appointments" and "lessons where I said nothing" the first 8 weeks or so were finally a thing of the past! I was finally getting settled in and speaking French with people... and they actually understood the things that were coming out of my mouth!  I may or may not have cried a little in my parting testimony in sacrament haha. I will forever be grateful for the people in this ward. The patience they had with me and my French was amazing. Our DMP (ward mission leader) and his wife are probably the nicest people I have ever met in the world. I will definitely miss them. They  and Patrick are the best member missionaries I have ever met in my life They are in so many ways like the pioneers of the church who struggled going to Zion. They were some of the first members here some 55 years ago. To be a member here is no easy task. I can’t even imagine all of the things that they have done for the church. LOVE THEM. We will stay in contact for sure. They are taking us to a sweet restaurant tomorrow.  Pretty excited for that haha.

Life is the besttt. I love y’all. Stay awesome. Oh yeah. Elder Andersen is coming to our mission in three weeks I think. I’m stoked for that!

When God makes a promise,
It remains forever true,
For everything God promises,
He unalterably will do!
When you are disillusioned
And every hope is blighted,
Recall the promises of God
And your hope will be relighted.


Elder Adamz

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