Wednesday, October 3, 2012

E-mail 10-1-12

Bonjour! Cette semain etait le meilleur! (Week = the best).

Sounds like all is well in the good ole US of A. You asked a lot of questions mother so I’ll try my hardest to answer all of them.
Yessssss chocolate is amazing here! Duhhhhh. Its changed my life for sure. I probably eat like one or two bars a day. Stuff never gets old. There are so many different flavors, brands, and ways to make chocolate here so that gives me a good reason to try them all out right? Right. haha. I still don’t know how I haven’t gained a gazillion pounds. I have lost 14 so far. Not bad ehh. And no you don’t need to send me any American money. I have enough to send you some chocolate. I have small package for you and for Whitney. I will send them out tomorrow morning so they should get there next Wednesday. I already bought some of my favorite chocolate to send you this morning. #MindReader. For us to get to Paris from here it only takes a couple of hours. The train goes straight from Brussels to Paris. It goes sooooooo fast. What would probably be a 7 hour car drive turns into 2 hours thanks to the bullet train. #Blessing. We don’t spend the night when we go to Paris. Last time we just caught a train @ 7 thirty and got home around ten. Patrick picked us up and took us home (bad idea to be our after 9... people are crazzzzzy). Oh yeah and the trains are way nice. We ride like first class it feels like. The seats are like a lazy boy. #Spoiled. Yes mother, I have learned some manners. You would ask that question haha. We ate at a members house a couple of weeks ago and I got caught eatin like a dang American. Dangit. He gave me a lesson on how to use a fork and knife. Ever since then I have been a little angel. Eating is much harder and slower... but whatever makes the people happy n'est pas? And mother happy haha. Yes I spent a few bucks last week sorry about that. I bought the cheapest pair of pants I could find. They are leggit. I look like a leggit Frenchie in them. In 4 months they are having a huge thing called winter solds that lasts for like 2 weeks I think. I’m going to buy a French suit then. It will cost me about 100£. Desolet. And about the ward,  we have like 5 young men I think. 3 young women, and 5 primary aged kids. Those are just the active ones. Depending on the week we have less or more. The other missionaries here in Charleroi have there own ward. It’s about 30 minutes away from ours. It’s also a super nice building. I think that was all of your questions. Phew.

I don’t know if I told you last week but we were on the news here. I’m sure everyone in this place (Charleroi) got a good laugh haha. It was some kind of Holiday here and we were walking down the street as a marching band was going by and the news guy spotted us walking and decided to come over and interview us haha. So within seconds the film was rolling and some lady put a mic in our face and started asking questions. My companion answered a couple questions and then it was my turn. Still not sure what they asked me but Ii managed to spit some French out hahaha it was horrible. All I could say was "cetait choutte... je veins de Nevada aux Etats-Unis." It was sweet... I am from Nevada in the United States. The people nodded awkwardly and kept walking hahah. Hopefully they understood. If not Ca Va!  Good experience for sure. Oh yeah and there were these punks on our Bus and they like wanted to fight or something (can’t understand their French very well but well enough to know their intentions) so all I did was stand up to switch seats and they went running hahahahaha. People are so small here that they just shut up when they see how big I am. My height comes in handy sometimes. I can’t speak French too well yet but my body can ;) .

Well that’s about all. Sorry this email is not so spiritual. I’ll try harder next week! Tell Whitney I got her package and loved it. She’s the best. Not sure if the world knows yet (delete this part if they haven’t told anyone yet haha) but she’s preggo!  Pretty sweet.  I’m excited for them, but mostly for me.  Kids are the best!  Missionary work is the best.  Its my job to bring salvation to the families here in Charleroi. Best job ever!!! Au revoir.



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