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Email May 6, 2013

Hello. I will just start by saying that this was easily the best week of my mission and of my life. I have probably said that before but this time I really mean it! You’re probably thinking it was the best because I saw Bishop and Kenna... true... but no... that was just the icing on the cake. We could not do anything wrong this week!  The lord was literally changing peoples hearts right before our eyes!  L'esprit ├ętait partout!   Okay, okay I will stop. I will answer your questions first and then I will go hard with the spiritual stuff. 

The shoes fit perfectly. Thank you! The peanut butter has changed our life. Thank you! And yes I could’ve chose anywhere in France to eat but KFC sounded so good!!!   I pass it everyday in our car and it always  Oh and don’t worry about sending peanut butter anymore. I saw that that was a little expensive (aka a lot). But thanks anyways! The watches are super legit as well. Thanks pops! I will bring the swagg with those things for sure. Sounds like y’all had a grand time in Utah again. I’m pretty sure you live there.  The last three months you guys have emailed me from Utah I feel like more than Fallon.  Buy a house there?   That’s cool that Garrett found himself a girl. About time. I hope they’re married before I come back.#OnlySingleAdamsME I want to be the only single stud in the family.  Send me a picture of her (facebook creep or whatever it takes). I have to approve before he goes makin some stupid decision ya know?   Hooke me up with a photo next week please.   Can’t wait to here from you on Sunday! That will be neat. I’m still not 100 percent what is going to happen. We have some options. I am pretty sure we will skype. That would be the funniest.  Send me Garrett’s code and stuff again so I can log into his name. That would be best. We will call here around three in the afternoon or would you like us to do it later?   You let me know. We can probably do it any time after Noon here in France (anytime between twelve and nine). I will probably not call you on Saturday but I will email you and let you know what’s going down.   Keep an eye on your emails.   Let me know what time works best for you.  And they just changed transfer emails to a day later so I will not be able to tell you where I am going or if I am staying until Monday emails. Bummer!
makes my mouth water... so I figured we would just go eat it real quick so I could get that fantasy out of my head. And yes it wasssss sooo goood. Way better here then in America.

This week was one I will never forget. The spirit was with me and my companion in all that we did.  His presence was so obvious!  Even a blind man could’ve seen it. Everything we did the spirit testified to us was right and that’s where we needed to be. I have never seen so many miracles in my little life.  I will share but one....

We had a new lady from Canada move into the ward three weeks ago. She is so outgoing and she very easily opens her mouth and shares the gospel with others!  And that’s exactly what she has done.  This week she invited us to her house... along with 6 other people that she has just recently met (not members) to have dinner. The first hour we all got to know each other and just talked about random things. They all brought wine to the dinner so about an hour into the dinner they all started acting pretty weird (a little drunk, but not too bad).  They were very rowdy... It’s safe to say the spirit wasn’t present. Once in a while they would even poke a little fun at Mormons.  We thought the dinner was going to be a complete waste.  Well our hour and half (our time limit) was about up and we knew we needed to get going so amidst  all the craziness we asked if we could share a quick spiritual thought. They accepted. They wished they hadn’t!  So we stood up and shared Helaman 5:12.  At this point all eyes are on us and no one is saying a word.  After we read we quickly testified of Jesus Christ  and what he has done for ALL of us. We testified of what building our foundation upon him can do. The spirit completely took over the little house.  The atmosphere completely changed (I have never seen an atmosphere change soooo quickly). It’s something that I really can’t even explain.  The thought was seriously no longer then 2 minutes!  It’s kind of a  "you had to be there" experience.   I have never felt the spirit so strong.   So the story goes on.   Just as we were leaving one of the ladies sneakily followed us out and told us that she wants us to come over to her house and share the gospel (didn’t see that one coming).  We gladly accepted, but as soon as she said that she quickly slipped back into the house without letting everyone else know she was talking to us.  We didn’t even have time to get her number and address!  So the whole drive home we were talking about how crazy strong the spirit just was and we hope something will come of what just happened.  SOOOO. Joe, the member called us the next day and explained that after we had left they talked nonstop about the gospel and about the missionaries.  Well, to make a long story short.... they all want to see us again.  ALL 6!   Not just a couple but all of them. And Sunday morning (two days later) we received a call from one of the couples who were there wanting us to come to their house. We are going there today!  Oh and the husband of the couple we are going to see today was one of the highest generals in the England army.  He was the one that was making fun of Mormons and Utah during the RDV.  When we shared our spiritual thought... it was him that got punched in the face with the spirit! I remember the look in his eyes.  I’m pumped for today to see him again!

Well that is just one of the overwhelming amount of miracles the Lord has been blessing us with. Thanks for your prayers and your support. I promise you I am working my hardest to answer all of them!   Church is true.  Every ounce of it.  Don’t forget it.  I testify Christ lives and he stands at the head of his church. He is willingly, wantingly, and ready to help each and everyone of us if we but keep his commandments and follow his example!  The gospel is sooooooo simple.  Don’t make it harder then it should be y’all.  I know God sent me to France for a reason.  To testify of Christ and to change all who will listen.  I’m the luckiest kid alive. Thank you for all who have helped to prepare me for this time in my life!   #ForeverGrateful.  Have a good week. Bon semaine.

Elder Adams

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