Wednesday, June 12, 2013

June 10, 2013

Mother, that’s awesome that schools out.  Parttttyyy!!!   Sounds like you are gonna have a really good summer. Have fun in Utah and in Nashville. Sorry I forgot to put captions with the photos I sent.  The first one was during an exchange in St Dié.  We had to drive over some huge gnarly mountains.  It was way cool.  It reminded me a lot of Smith Creek.  And the other ones were from the baptism we had on Saturday!!   It was awesome.  Soeur Mackoy is the best.   She was all smiles.  The spirit was strong.  Couldn’t have went better.  Her confirmation went super as well.  The Bishop did both the confirmation and the baptism. (so much better when members do it). He’s a boss.  Love him.  It was funny... it’s been so long since they had a baptism here that they forgot how to welcome a new member in the ward (they almost forgot to sustain her during sacrament, when you raise your right hand).  But with the help of the church handbook they got it done right haha.  So good.  Hopefully you like the pics.  


I won’t send much of an email this week because it takes a long time to load and send photos.  Hope you like them.  Life is the best.  The Lord is really progressing the work here in France.  I’m so lucky to be apart of it.  I am blessed!  I am the luckiest dude on earth.  Oh and tomorrow we are going to Paris at five in the morning for Zone conference.  Elder Ballard is supposed to be there (if he fix's his passport prblems!!!)   So sweeeeet.  Can’t wait to get humbled and feed.  Life is tooooo goood.  I can’t say it enough!   Have a good week. Thanks pour tout.  Que Dieu vous bénisssssse!! 

Elder Adams

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