Thursday, June 6, 2013

May 13, 2013

Hello. Yesterday was awesome (Mother’s Day phone call). Thanks for that and thanks for being organized!   We actually got to talk for an entire hour this time! haha. Everyone is doing so well. I am the luckiest missionary in the world. I have the best support system anyone could ever need. All of my neices and nephews are so legit too. They are hilarious. Can’t wait to bisous them after the mish. Yesterday after we hung up it really hit me how blessed we are as an entire family, me especially. Everyone is doing what they should be in life. Mom and dad; y’all aced the test called life!  Almost... (after Garrett gets married in the temple, then you can relax).  Its obviously because of you two that all of us are so golden!  (I speak for the children). And no I didn’t forget me. We all know there is no worries here ;) lolz

Thanks for finally hitting me up with Garrett’s loverz photoz.  Shes’ a cutie. I approve. My bro is a stud.  Bout time he got his act together.  I’ll be praying he is married before I get home #LivinThatDream.

So to the important stufff haha. I will be leaving again! I am going to the wonderful city of Strasbourg!  This ville is seriously every France missionaries dream. I can’t wait. And I am going to be a zone leader!  I got to do things bigger and better. Pretty pumped for it. Seriously right after you guys hung up on skype President gave me a call and filled me in on the deetz.  You barely missed!   That would have been cool to tell you in person but whateverz not that big of a deal. And I will be opening a new zone!  With the huge influx of missionaries we had to create two new zones and Strasbourg is one of them. I will be living right on the edge of Germany. So I’m pretty sure I will get to learn a little German. That should be neat. I am seriously sooooo excited!!!   Life is the best!   Oh and my new comp is Elder Webber.  He is legit I  hear. He will be training me. And we are getting whitewashed! (we both know nothing about Strasbourg).   Life is about to be popppppin. Whenever I get comfortable.... I get humbled. haha. Don’t get comfortable peepz.

I am really gonna miss good ole St Brieuc. Its been fun watching the ville (town) do a 180° turn.  So many miss conceptions about little villes. The work is a little harder but so rewarding and so possible! Its so fun having a branch of 25 members and you get blessed to bring 5 amis to church.  Everyone is like a kid in a candy store. They do everything to help bring amis to church. They take such good care of us missionaries.  People are much more personable in little branches. Everyone one knows everyone and everyone loves everyone!  I am seriously going to miss the members here so much.  Being their little translator for the last 5 months was fun haha. I have learned so much here. Training Elder Davis was so good for me.  I got blessed with a legit bleu. He knew what he was doing before he came.  He is a killer missionary.  He will tear the mission up.  It was fun showing him how missionary work gets done.  Its crazy how teaching someone else how to do missionary works actually teaches the you even more haha.  These last 12 weeks have been the hardest but  most rewarding in my life. I couldn’t even begin to explain all of the things I have learned.  I am BLESSSSSED.

Love you all!   Have a good week.  Que dieu vous bénisse!

Elder Adamz

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