Thursday, June 6, 2013

May 20, 2013

Life is crazy. I am currently sitting in a crazzzy internet/drug dealer place where we now do our emails. The guy next to me smells like dog pee and is looking at things on his computer that are very inappropriate. I think you catch my drift ehh? haha. I don’t have too muchh time. But let me just tell this was the best week ever.  Elder Webber is such a bossss!  The kid knows what he’s doin in life.  He is from Orem.  He played Rugby for BYU.  His French is amazing. He is way to legit.  I am so pumped for this transfer. I got so much to learn and I’m pretty excited about it.

Our new area is about a 2.5 hour trip on a bullet train from Paris.  Not quite as far as St Brieuc. It’s such a cool looking place. Probably the most beautiful place I have ever visited.  Sometimes its hard to contact because there are a gazillion cool things to look at... but don’t worry I know why I am here. And yes they speak a ton of German here. It sounds pretty crazy.  I think I will just stick with French for now. Learning another language doesn’t interest me at alllll haha. Not sure if I mentioned but we got whitewashed here... so we are always lost. But thats okay... makes for some good times. I have never ever seen so much success in sucha short amount of time!  We have only been here 5 days and we have already found 4 new amis!  That’s like a world record.  The Lord has blessed us so much. White Washing isn’t easy but we are certainly being watched over and blessed.  I am one blessed dude.

Our new apartment is huge!  So sweet. In downtown Strasbourg next to the big river and huge cathederal.  I will be sure to send you some pics next week. Sorry I don’t have any now.

That’s sweet that Elder Oaks came. I bet you learned a lot. He will be coming to Paris the eleventh as well.  But he is only coming to see the Elders who are in the Paris area.  Such a bummmmerrr!   But I will live.  NO big deal.  This week the mission had the first ever "mission council" instead of a "zone leader council."  That’s because they called sisters to be leaders now!  First time sisters have had calling as missionaries I think?   Pretty cool.  They are needed... there are a ton of sister missionaries now a days.  The meeting was way cool.  The mission is headed in a good direction.  Its fun to watch month after month all of the success and progress the mission makes.  The new thing as a mission this transfer is getting our investigators to church!   SO IMPORTANT.  Nothing happens until they come. We get to teach and expound on this subject tomorrow with our entire zone who will be coming into Strasbourg. Should be a good time.  I’m pretty pumped about it.  Most of the villas in our zone are very small and missionaries have been white washed so the work is pretty tough.  This last week they really struggled. We will have to light them on fire tomorrow so they can get the work movin!

Well I am out of time.  I really do have lots more time to write but if you saw this place I’m in you would want me to get out to haha.  Safe to say the spirit isn’t here.  Gotta run!  Have a good week y’all! Stay awesome.  LOVE YOU.

Package... I could use some batteries. (AA) Some photos!  Some recipees (not sure how to spell that). Any high lighters will do. Sticky notes. Get some cool designed ones. LOVES.

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