Thursday, June 6, 2013

June 3, 2013

I can’t believe its already June.  Time flies way to fast.  My one year mark was just another day.  Nothing special haha. Burning ties and stuff like that is dumb. President and Soeur Poznanski hate it as well so none of that stuff is supposed to be going on in the mish anymore.  Actually I lied... Elder Webber bought me a  That was nice of him.  Thanks for the package!  Pretty clever candy bar poster mom. You never cease to amaze me with your clever ideas. Thanks again. kebab and a coke . So good. One of my favorite meals.

That’s crazy that Mitchell, Kevin, Hubs, and others all get home this month.  Sooner than I would like that is going to happen to me!  Not cool.  The day my year mark hit, it really hit me that time is not a joke out here in the field... it needs to be used for good every second of every day.  NO time for breathing!  Speaking of using time wisely...I must tell a little story:  So usually when transfers happen missionaries get to there new villas late (with only a couple of hours left) and go directly to unpacking instead of directly outside to find people to teach and baptize.  Well three weeks ago when Elder Webber and I arrived we found the house, left our bags, and headed outside to find, teach, and baptize. We are now seeing the fruit of this decision!  That night of finding we found a lady named Blessing (funny I know haha) who we have been teaching... and now she will be baptized! (the 16th )   Time ain’t no joke y’all.  When we use it right... we are blessed for it.  We could’ve easily called it a day and unpacked but that’s not okay!!   Gods elect are out there waiting.  And this Saturday as well we have a baptism.  Its gonna be awesome! She is married to a member of the ward.  She was taught by the missionaries 10 years ago but wasn’t really feeling it.  So the first Sunday we got here the Bishop called us into his office and asked us to visit them.  So we did of course.  Well after ten years she is now prepared!   All she needed was someone holding the authority of God to ask her to be baptized!   She is amazing. It’s been fun these last three weeks teaching her and helping her prepare for baptism.  She is beyond ready. That will be an awesome day!  Her interview is Wednesday.   She should do just fine.

This week we had three amis at church!  This transfer we have really been focusing on getting all of our new amis to church (our zone has been tearing it up as well with amis at church).  And we taught 17 lessons this week!  I know stats are not important but hawt dang I feel like I’m in South America! haha.  Strasbourg is the most prepared place in the world for the gospel... I’m convinced!   Our goal for this transfer is four baptisms and so far we are on track.  Setting goals, praying mightily over them, and working yer tail off do a dang lot of good.  The work in France is really hastening. It’s been amazing to watch my first year. This last week the mission taught 550 lessons.  The highest number in the mission’s history.  Pretty sweet.

Well I need to go play some basketball. (first time in a year!). Have a good week. Thanks for all of your prayers.  The church is true.  I know it is!   Read the Book of Mormon and then wrestle with God to get an answer.  It always works.  100 percent of the time.  Read the Book of Enos. It’s my favorite. Short and sweet.  Clear and simple.  Just the way I like it.  Read it and ask yourself how Enos was able to receive revelation... then put it to the test yourself.  LUVZZZZ.  BON SEMAINE.


Elder Adamz

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