Thursday, June 6, 2013

May 27, 2013

Yello!  Happy late 29th anniversary!  Y’all are old.  Yo we do not live by the A in the photo you sent. We live close though. The building just above the one with the A is a school and we live just across the street from it.  Where it says Ernest Munch on the road.... we live right above that on the left side of the road.  Our apartment is huge.  To answer your question... they made it a new zone leader villa because there are a ton of new missionaries and the mission added two new zones to adjust to the amount of missionaries.  And no we do not have a car. Thank goodness!  Now I can drop a few pounds hopefully. Willards gettin fat again!   Pas bon. We have passes for the metro and for the buses so we get around anywhere fairly quickly. Public transportation is the best!   You meet a lot of peepz on the trams and what not so I think its a lot better to not have a car.  You can’t meet anyone going  90 down the freeway in a car!  Oh yeah did I ever tell you I got nailed by the POPO (police) when I was in St Brieuc. The ticket was 90 dollars. So that’s probably why I took out a lot of money out a couple of months ago. Sorry about that. You can’t get mad though okay?  Saving souls is kinda important!  Sometimes you gotta go a little over the speed limit ya feelz?   Being late for rendezvous is not okay!   And yes I was a smart alec with the cop so he doubled the fine. Oopz. I was only going 6 over!  What a joke.

This last week was a dream!  So much good going on in Strasbourg.  Church is so true here!  Missionary work is always hard work no matter where you are but I must say missionary work in a large villa seems to be so much more easy and rewarding!  I was blessed to have served in three small villas to start my mission (learned so much) but I must say it feels like I’m in SOUTH AMERICA!   Things be poppin here. Today we saw a family from Provo haha. They were super funny. We see quite a few Americans here.  Last week there were like 100 students from Boston College. They gave us a good hard stare for like thirty minutes while we had a lesson with an ami on a bench.  Americans are intimidating haha. Not a big fan for the time being.

Yesterday we had an awesome stake conference.  It was a spiritual punch to the face.  We had two members of the seventy come and talk and an area seventy. They called a new stake presidency.  It was super cool.  The seventy got up at the end of the conference and told the story of how they called the new stake presidency.  After interviewing many people both of the seventy wrote on a piece of paper the three men they felt should fill the new positions. I’m sure you know what happens haha.  They had the exact same three men written in the exact same order!  Revelation is a powerful thing my friends!  Do we use it?  It’s a must.  God wants to and is waiting to help us!   This is a living church. W are never alone.

So this last week I had my first Zone conference as a leader. We gave a super good training.  I was a shepherd.  I wish I would’ve took pictures but I didn’t.  Désolé.  La prochain fois.  We taught a legit lesson on the importance of bringing amis to church. If they don’t come to church nothing happens!  And before that we must find amis because if we don’t have any amis... we can’t bring them to church! This last weeks statistics doubled!   The new zone is tearing it up.  So fun to be apart of it and to help them all.   Being a leader is a humbling experience. I have learned so much...and I have so much more to learn.

Today is the first day we have seen the sun since we got here. It’s been dang cold. Rain rain rain. So annoying,  but whatevers.  Hows the weather over there?   Hot yet?  I think that’s all from this side of the world.  Love y’all.  Que dieu vous bénisse!  LUVZ.

Adamz Elder

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