Monday, December 9, 2013

E-mail 11-18-13

Hello! This week was killer good.  So much poppin in this part of the world.   President came last week for interviews. That’s always a good time.   That’s not good that grandpa is sick!  He can’t kick the bucket until after I get home!   He has to live to be at least 100... nothing  less is acceptable.   I’ll keep him in my prayers.   How old is he to be exactly? (91)   I forget these things.  I did get his package a while ago.  Tell him thanks again.  I will try to find some time to write him. I‘ve  been slacking. 

So supposedly right now in Paris there is a gunman on the loose.  And he’s already killed one person?  Thank goodness  I  got sent out here to Caen!  Haha.  I guess peepz in France are kinda tripping.  The news like just got out.   Hopefully they catch that little bugger soon.  I guess he’s got a sawed off shot gun?   Pretty weird for France.  No one has guns here.  You let me know next week how that turns out okay? Thanks for that.

 So this week was legit.  During studies I was reading a talk and read a little sentence that really hit me... "You cannot possible enjoy the harvest until after you have LABORED in the field!"  That is so true in all areas of life... but above all as a missionary!   SOOO simple.  The outcome (harvest) is never good: unless we work our tails off!   Unless we do all that we can!   Unless we put our trust in God.   Unless we talk to everyone.   Unless we put that little extra effort into it. Unless we do ALL that is asked of us.  I have really been able to see this phrase come true in my mission.  Working hard will bring good results.  But above that I have learned that when we work hard AND with the spirit... we will have the BEST results!  That doesn’t always mean that baptisms follow, but often they do!   The spirit will do the work that we can’t!   It’s the spirit that is going to touch people’s  hearts!
So yesterday I got a call about all of my stupid legality stuff.   They said that they figured out that I moved  to  Paris  (and now to Caen,  haha)  so I  have to go to Paris and redo all of my legality!  That is going to stink!    Those dang Frenchies are toying with me haha.   But that’s okay.   It’s been a while since I have seen the city of love!    A little visit wouldn’t hurt.

And yes we had an awesome little formation on Friday with our zone.   It was pretty good.   I will send you the little paper we used.   It was pretty clever.   Not gonna lie.   It’s all in French  so you might not understand but that’s okay.   You will at least be able to see how dang artistic I am. lol.
I am still waiting for the lovely package!   No photos for you until  I  see that new camera haha.   If you’d like Ii could use some more chocolate chips and some brown sugar.  And toothpaste.  And Reese’s  peanut butter cups . (lots of Reese’s).

We are going to play some ping pong now.  Sorry for the shortness.  Love me anyways?   Have a good week!  Remember that I  love you. BYE.  Grossssssse BISOUSSSS!

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