Monday, December 16, 2013

E-mail 12-9-13

So yes transfers were this week.  I will be going to Paris this week to pick up my new collègue!   He is from Austria!   He is a boss I hear.  His name is Elder Meissner.   I know nothing about him except for the fact that he served with my old collègue Elder Maxwell.   Should be legit!
So many questions... so little time!  . And yes it snows in Caen but not too often.  People say it only really snows around January.   We will see. 

So this last week was pretty legit.  A couple we have been teaching came to church yesterday again!  They are so legit. They came to the investigators class for the first time. This week as well we were able to find a super cool new ami.  He is Muslim but super open to what we have to say.  He told us that he would listen to us and then put it to practice.  He will be baptized soon if he sticks to his word!  We will have to see.  He has only known us for three days and he has already committed to coming to church services and coming to the church for a tour.  He is also married and has a kid.   Exactly what we are looking for. FAMILIES!    Teaching families is the best.    Preach my gospel says, "Strive to find and teach families  ." Not an easy task but I have seen the fruits of it.  The family is being attacked today maybe harder than anything else.  I know there is no better solution then the gospel.   The gospel can make any family better!   The gospel is the magic solution that holds all families together and keeps them on the straight and narrow!    I am determined these last 6 months to find families and to baptize them! Sounds like a good time to me. 

Life rocks.  Don’t forget it.  This is the best time of year and always will be... so let it be that way!   Be happy peepz.   Tiz the season to be jolly!   Have a good week.   BISOUS!   HOLLA!   PEACE OUT.  

Elder Adamz

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