Monday, December 16, 2013

E-mail 12-16-13

Hello!  I would totally send you some awesome photos but the computer isn’t letting me.  I have the slow computer this week and it’s not working very well.  Sorry about that.  I got some cool photos on top of the castle in the middle of town. You’ll just have to wait and see next week.  Be excited. That’s legit that Tommy got home.   Kid is a boss . It’s been fun watching and hearing about all the success he’s had on his mission and the changes that have come from it into his life. He’s been a huge example for me and for many others.  Missions rock eh . I’m sure he preached the good word on Sunday with authority.  Elder Stockard always was a real crowd pleaser.   #NextPresident  I agree with you.   Sundays are good.   We had some super good talks yesterday as well.   We had the stake leader come.   He gave a killer talk on the importance of the Sabbath.   That’s good that Bishop Schank got my letter.  I wrote it quickly but I think it will be just fine.   I always do come in clutch ehh?    Learned that from you Dad. That’s awesome that the ducks have been coming in like crazzzzy!  Send me some photos.   I miss killing them greenies (ducks).   Hopefully next winter is nice and cold again. Is it still super cold there?
So we went back this week to the family with the 13 year old son. We only taught he mother though. He was still sleeping along with his brothers.  We had to go early in the morning but that’s okay.  It was a super lesson.  We went over the restoration again and focused on the Book of Mormon.  I was pretty scared because she LOVES the bible and believes it’s the only way to God,  but she was surprisingly open, the spirit worked on her and she accepted it and will start reading.  The spirit was powerful.  She is so golden she just hasn’t realized it yet! haha.  She just needs to get her bum to church!  She’s gonna be there this week, I can feel it.  We will be seeing her and her kids this week so that we can share a Christmas message.  Pretty excited for that!  Nothing better then teaching families. 

So my new comp is pretty legit.  He is from Austria as I said.  He speaks German.  His French and English are super good though as well.  He has been on the mission for a year.   I’ve learned a lot these last couple of days.  He really has a desire to serve and love everyone.  He is super obedient as well.  This is going to be a good transfer!  C'est trop sûr!  On va baptiser tout le monde!  On va frapper tout le monde avec l'esprit de noël!  On va donner tout le monde le la meilleure cadeau du monde... une occasion de parler avec les missionnaires... qui savent toute choses. Je blague. Mais sait sur qu'on parlera avec tout le monde. Attention a l'esprit de noël!

So this week we had an awesome mission council. This was my 6th one.  I was the oldest zone leader there.  Pretty weird.  I still feel like I just got here but time says otherwise.  President gave an awesome lesson on staying young!  So in our mission there are a lot of young missionaries who are now zone leaders and district leaders.  It was not like that in the past.  He told us the parable of wine or something... Not sure in English.  It was all in French so I can’t really explain it to good.  He explained the need of youth and wisdom.  He told us all straight up that there is no better feeling then leaving the mission the way we all came in... with the fire to baptize and teach everyone!   Lots of missionaries, more often in European  countries,  work hard for a certain amount of time but loose the fire . Lots of missionaries’ missions to often turn into vacations by the end.  They work hard for a time but coast to the end.   NOT COOL.  I am determined to not lose the fire!   To make sure I keep the fire I have made some pushing goals.  I am pumped and determined to use every last second of my mission.  I WILL go out with a bang. 

So yesterday we had some random investigator guy show up to the church.  He came with us to priesthood,  to amis class,  and to sacrament meeting.  Not sure where he is from.   Turns out he doesn’t speak English or French. haha.  There is like no way of communicating.   He did love church though... that we did understand.   Not too sure what we are going to do.   We will just have to use Goggle Translator or something to teach the gospel to him haha.   Should be a good time. 

That’s all for this week.   Thanks for being awesome.  Have a good last week of school!    Still not sure what we will do for Christmas concerning skype and all that.   I will have to let you know next week.   I’ll keep you posted.  Don’t fret it.   I will end in answering your questions.   Sorry I forgot.  We do have some pretty good Christmas  plans. We are invited the 24th, 25th, 31st, and 1st to members houses  . Gonna be a good time!   Frenchies know how to eat well during the holidays.   They have many traditional foods such as foi gra (exploded duck), snails, and lots of sea food.  And yes Christmas is a big deal here.  Just like America.  There are shopppersss everywhereeeee!   So much money spendin. There are lots of Christmas lights here.   All of down town is lit up.   I’ll send pictures.   LUVZ!  Joyeux NOEL!

Love Elder Adamz
PS:   We have time so I’m going to use another computer to send some pictures.  It’s your lucky day Mom.

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