Friday, March 28, 2014

E-mail 2-24-14

Sounds like y’all had a good time. Those were some killer photos. They’re a good looking couple. Thank goodness you have a picture of me in some of them photos... that obviously upz the quality quite a bit.  You’re welcome.  So before I forget I must tell you,  Friday afternoon while walking home to eat some lunch…. we totally passed a wedding and watched it for like 5 minutes.  Almost crashed it!   I forgot that that was the same day Garrett was getting married until my comp was like, "Woah that’s weird, what if this was your brother’s wedding. Isn’t he getting married like right now?"   So yeah that was pretty dumb but moral of the story is that I totally forgot that my brother was a married man until my comp told me during some random wedding in France that was taking place during the same time as my brother’s wedding.  Sorry if that didn’t make sense. 

Glad you were able to see my ugly mug on the church web site. lol.  So that guys hand I was shaking is the one I talk about in the interview.  Pretty sure the interview of me should be on the website pretty soon.  Keep a look out ;).  The video shot they got me in was right after the Elder Oaks conference in Paris.  Probably one of the best church meetings I ever attended in my life.  I love Elder Oaks. 

This last week was legit!  We got let in twice during all of our hours of porting!  I swear we get let in more than ever nowadayz!   The Lords work is moving forward faster than ever!   Baptisms are coming I can feel it!    I have never loved knocking on peoples doors so much as here in CAEN!   This place is golden. And this week we had three miracle people show up to church for the first time since we have been teaching them.  It was seriously a miracle week.  We are finding and teaching so much more week after week.  Got to go. LOVE YOU!  Thanks for being awesome.  Love you to the moon and back. BISOUS! 

PS- Next week is decision week.  I’m like 100 percent sure I will be leaving but who knows. And I’m pretty sure I won’t be a zone leader any more. President usually has old zone leaders finish by training a new young missionary.  We will just have to see!   BYE.

Love Elder Adamz

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