Friday, March 28, 2014

E-mail 3-17-14

No time!  This last week was amazing!  We are being wayyyyyy blessed. We have been able to find so many new amis.  In a one and a half week period we have been able to give three church tours!  Pretty crazy.  And one of those was with a family.  These are all people we met in the road and while porting.  We have been let in porting to 2 already. Pretty nuts. 

Yesterday I gave a 25 minute talk in church. I did a pretty good job. Not gonna lie to myself haha.  I was the main speaker and they asked me to speak on obedience.  I had some good stories in there.  I talked about my bike accident at Smith Creek when I was bombing the hill and decided to pull the left brake.  I was asked not to pull the left brake but I did it anyway so I paid the consequences. I based my talk off of that. And I gave a list of 10 blessings that come when we are obedient according to the scriptures and Elder Adamz.  It was pretty epic as well.  Life is good.

This week we have a zone conference. Should be a good time. It will be pretty epic getting taught by my zone leader Elder Davis (my first bleu). Pretty excited for that. 

So you got the books already? That was quick! I will probably be doing that again a couple of times before I leave. 

Glad to hear that the reception went well. I’m sure everything was lookin real nice in the house. I know how you and dad are. Y’all know how to throw a party.  Maybe one day you will have to throw one for me.  Who knows.  So what am I going to do for college?. BYU ruined my life haha. I’m just kidding.  All will work out. Life goes on! 

Have fun at HOSA!  Give me some info on the Golf team as well.  Is there anybody that is good at golf anymore?  Or was I the last one?  haha just kidding.  Thanks!

Many baptisms are coming up before I leave the mission field. I can’t even wait.  We have so many golden investigators right now. This week we should be getting some baptismal dates. Pray for some dates to be fixed!  LOVE YOU.  BYE!


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