Friday, March 28, 2014

E-mail 3-10-14 Video

Video "Unto All the World"

Hello mother! Life is good.  Things to tell you before I forget. I sent you two packages the other day from Caen.  They are two boxes full of books that I sent because I had no room in my bags. And it should take like a month. They have this thing in France where you can send books to America for really cheap!  The two boxes Ii sent should have cost around one hundred dollars but instead it cost only 30!   Pretty good deal.  That was the reason I spent so much money last week.  And I also had to buy my "bleu" (greeny) our father- son ties.  He picked some pretty expensive ones haha.  I had no choice. They cost like thirty all together.  So yeah that’s why all of your money disappeared.  And we had to eat while we were in Paris because we had to wait three hours for our train.  So now you know why I wiped out the account haha.  Only for good reasons!  Love me still?   Wanna hook me up with some more?  I’ll pay you back one day. You know I’m good for it.

So my new area is super legit. Very small but that’s okay. We are finally to the point where we don’t get lost to easily.  We usually are able to find our way home.  My companions name is Elder Lattin.  he is from Washington DC.   He is the youngest of a family of 9 children haha. He spoke French for 5 years before the mission. So he speaks pretty well already. It’s impressive. He gets super nervous but that’s okay.  I was worse I think when I was a bleu. We have lots in common.  He likes sports and we are both the youngest in the family so we got plenty to talk about. We are not the only elders in town.  There are two other missionaries. The other team in a training team as well. Elder Nicholson from Scotland is training Elder Palfreyman from California.  It’s fun to have to bleus in the house at the same time. Every time anyone has a question they all come running to me haha. Guess that’s normal because I have been here for a good amount of time. And Elder Nicholson is only in his 5th transfer so everyone is still super young except for me haha.  Feels super weird.  Not sure I like it.  I have had a couple of dreams about returning home already. It’s horrible!!!  I hate thinking about it haha. They are friggin night mares. And yes we all live in the same apartment. It’s pretty old but its big and after a good cleaning its lookin pretty good. We are on the 5th floor so we have a good view. 

So I’m not sure if you remember but I also trained Elder Davis earlier in my mission and he is now my Zone leader!  He is so legit. It’s fun to be around him again and see how much he has grown. Kid is a boss. And it’s crazy to think that he is already super old in the mission. Feels like just yesterday I was training him. 

So yes I just watched the video for the first time haha. I look like such a noob! I hate cameras! I think that is pretty easy to tell haha. Elder Glover is a stud with that kind of thing. So no I was not there for the baptism of Francois. I came in just after the baptism. I was able to teach him many of the lessons after his baptism. Pretty sure I have been to his house like 15 times. He is seriously amazing. He is a boss. During the whole video while he is talking I am just right behind the camera helping to balance it and I translated for the camera guy.  What did I say again at the end of the video?  haha.  Whatever I said I sounded pretty dang shaky haha. I was seriously sweating.  And they friggin recorded us for like 2 hours and I said like nothing because I wasn’t the one who taught and baptized him. You can tell I was pretty tired when they show me sitting next to Elder Glover saying nothing haha.  Good times. 

Good luck getting ready for the wedding!  I’m sure you’re getting sick of those things by now. That’s what you get for making the downstairs so nice and open.  C'est la vie.  I’ll be sure to get married and have no reception.  That will make things easier eh.  I heard about Jimmer being traded from some other missionaries. SO LEGIT!  The Bulls are often shown around here in France because of Noah, guy that is French. So yeah I’ll keep an eye out.  I LOVE JIMMER. 

This last week was pretty awesome!  We started  off pretty well for having no people to teach at all just 5 days ago. We have already found 2 people to teach and like 10 potential.  The Lord has been blessing us!  I have learned the importance of perseverance this week.  Our first night we contacted people in the road for like 5 hours and saw no success.  But then at 8:58, just 2 minutes before going home we found this super awesome guy!  We taught him in the road and since we have taught him 3 times.  He came to the church on Saturday and we gave him a tour.  He is legit!!!  So with that said.... work till the end!  Never give up.  It was good to see a miracle like that... it really gives me the extra push to finish my mission strong.  When we persevere... we see miracles!

And this week I also have got to fill out some papers concerning my release date and plane times and all that.  So keep a look out in the next couple of weeks for that.  Have a good week. LOVE YOU!


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