Monday, March 31, 2014

E-mail 3-31-14

Hello. So, no I did not get any glasses. I tried to get in but the rendez vous they fixed with me was like three months later then I wanted haha.  So I might just have to wait. We will have to see. Sounds like y’all are having a good time in Utah. That’s good that the snow showed up. I’m sure that will be good for the drought.  So what are my travel plans? I have not even received them yet haha. I fly in to San Francisco? Then to Reno? And don’t you worry, I am not trunky! Never would I ever. Those are the worst missionaries ever. You’re right though, that will be weird to come home to all these new little family member (2 new nephews)s. They are gonna be scared of their FAT Uncle Miles. I just keep getting fatter too haha. Maybe one day I’ll decide to do a diet. We will have to see. We run often but the days we run I just eat twice as much so it really does nothing haha. Such is life. That photo with Garrett, Max Hall, and Denis Pitta is pretty dang legit. Kid is a boss. He could work on his hair but tha’ts okay. Utah will do that to ya.   In any case, respect to his balling skills. And no I have not touched a basketball since I was in Strasbourg.  Pretty much I only played like twice my whole mission. Lame but I’m over it. 

Pretty crazy that next week is already general conference. Should be a good time. Hope to have some amis there. And yes we will be able to watch it. They will broadcast it at our church. Hopefully we will be able to watch it in English as well. We will see. Watching conference in French just isn’t the same but it’s a sacrifice we might just have to make. 

This week was pretty legit. So we got let in twice while porting!  Pretty epic. The first man was a family man!  He’s got four kids. He was supposed to come to the church yesterday but couldn’t make it.   Bummer but that’s okay. We have only known him for like 5 days. He has still got plenty of time!  In his house he had some turtles and a huge lizard thing. It was pretty cool. A little weird but cool. All of his kids live in Paris because that’s where they go to school while he works here but on the weekends they come down here, same thing with his wife. We will be seeing him soon hopefully. And then the day after we got let in some crazzzy JW  lady. It was pretty funny. She opened the door half naked  (a shirt that was not on but she was just holding it over her shoulder and yelled, "The MORMOS!!!! Come on in. We must talk."  Well everyone knows the rule that you’re not supposed to teach single women but we were not sure if there were other people in the house so we entered haha.  Turns out she was alone so we told her we only had like 5 minutes.  Those were some pretty dang interesting 5 minutes haha.  One cool thing was that he daughter is best friends with Tony Parker. There were photos of them all over the house.  Pretty legit. And the lady was a famous singer. She had like newspaper articles of herself all over the house. She had a photo with a bunch of rappers from America haha. Not sure is she’s the best candidate for the gospel but we will give it a try! 
Not sure if I have told you about the family from Guadeloupe but they are so legit!  It’s a single mother with two boys and a little girl. They have fed us like 5 times and we have only known them for like 2 weeks.  Pretty epic. And the 17 year old son is a friggin stud. She also has an 18 year old son but is completely hooked on drugs.  Sad. But it’s actually because of him that we were able to meet the family. We tried to help him get off drugs but he had ZERO desire. But we respect him because if we had never met him we would have never met his awesome family!  We are right on the middle of the restoration. They are super into their own church so it’s going to be a longer process with them but we got the faith! 

Not sure if told you about zone conference last week but it went well. President Poznanski made some pretty good jokes about me during his formation in front of like 100 hundred peepz.  Not really sure how to translate it but he told everyone that no one in the mission eats as much as Elder Adams. He got me good haha caught me off guard.  My face went completely red.  And then right after lunch he did not have time to eat his pudding so he looked over the crowd of missionaries and walked up to me and said,  "Adams, you could surely eat another."  haha.  Guy is a boss. Probably not that funny for y’all. It was one of those "you had to be there things." 

Well that’s about all I got for this week.  Have a good week.  Love you! Have a good conference weekend!  Bisous.

Elder Adamz

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