Friday, March 28, 2014

E-mail 3 -3-14

Hello.  Who knew the week i got denied by BYU would turn out to be the best week of my life! Like that was a bummer but such is life!  Idaho will have to do.  Like I don’t even know where to begin this week.  I could go on for days with all of the miracles we were able to see.  We taught 16 lessons.  Pretty dang high.  Found 5 new amis.  Super high.  Got let in while porting 4 times!!!! WAY HIGH.  But like lets be real I don’t care about the stats.  Its the PEOPLE!   Every single person that we met was SO golden!  We found many future baptisms this week!

About a week ago I got the hint from President that I would probably be leaving, so I  put everything I had into the work this last week here in Caen (which I obviously do every week but we really worked our tailz off this week).   I read about two weeks ago in PMG  "leave your sector better then you found it."  I have read this a million times but this time it really hit me. The work in Caen has been pretty dang hard but I don’t want the next missionary who will follow me to think that when he gets here!  After lots of prayer and lots of work the Lord helped me and my comp to leave our secteur 5x better than the way we found it!  The next missionary that gets here is going to have a ton of new people to work with and he will feel as if Caen is the best city tin the mission.  Just the way he deserves it! 

On the other hand I will be going to a new villa.  I am going to be opening up a new team in Compiègne!  And i will be training!  I’m pretty pumped.  I am excited to be able to finish my mission with a pretty big job.  Should be a good time.  I love training as well so that will be fun.  I went on exchanges in this villa about 8 months ago so I remember it pretty well.  It’s going to be weird to not be a ZL but I’m excited for the change.  I know the Lord needs me in Compiègne.  It’s a small branch I believe.

So this week we were at the store buying some tolitte paper.  Pretty essential. So while we were buying some of that stuff,  some random guy walked up to us and asked  us to pray for him. I said  "Yes!  We would love to. Maybe we could do it right now. Do you live nearby?   We would love to go to your house and pray with you?"  With some hesitation and a crooked face he looked at me and said... "OK.  Why not."   YESSSSSSS!   It’s  moments like that that you never forget as a missionary.  So we went to his house and prayed.  Had a super good lesson.  Went back on Wednesday and we are going back tonight with a members of the church!  That was just the first miracle of the week. Things just kept getting better after that.
Two people that we contacted in the road came to the church and we prayed, gave them a tour, and had some solid lessons.  And on top of that we got let in 4 times. I can’t remember a week in all of my life where I was blessed so much by the hand of the Lord. 

Last story?  One night we were looking for a members house without much success.  We looked and looked.  And at one point we were looking and reading all of the mail boxes in the area. After reading all of the mail boxes and finding nothing I pretty much just gave up and decided it was time to go home and eat and make some phone calls.  My comp was not in agreeance.  He said we must knock on at least one door.  I said  "okay, whatever floats your boat dude."   Well that dude floated the friggin boat!   First door we knocked on was a success!   Went in, prayed, shared the restoration, left, and will be going back soon!   Spirit was strong.  Not my proudest moment but that’s what compz are for! 

Well not much more time.  One thing I must add,  I am LEGALLY blind.  I can’t see at all haha. It’s
been like that for about a year now but I didn’t want to admit it until just recently.  It’s been giving me some pretty bad headaches.  I am going to set an appointment in my next ville.  The mission pays for the eye test but I have to pay for the glasses themselves.  Not sure how much that will cost.  I will let you know about all that when the time comes.  I would do it when I get home but I want to do it here so that when I come home I will already be used to them.  President said that they are pretty affordable here.

Thanks for your prayers! LOVE YOU!


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